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The Etiquette of Social Media Sharing (i.e. How Not to Be a Content-Stealing Jerk)

These days, we live to share. With the click of a button we're instantly sharing posts, tweets, photos, videos and screenshots. But often when we share, we're not following good social media etiquette. For example, some platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) enable us to easily credit the originator of the content we're sharing; others not so much.

Women Who Inspire: Reshma Saujani

AGE: Almost 38 OCCUPATION: Founder, Girls Who Code WHO SHE IS: Saujani is the daughter of Indian immigrants who were expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin. A lawyer by education and training, she worked for various Wall Street firms and hedge funds before launching a political career.

Infamous brogrammer Pax Dickinson changes his tune, apologizes, agrees to work for 'Ladyboss'

Elissa Shevinsky is returning to Glimpse Labs as chief executive. The surprise: Controversially outspoken co-founder Pax Dickinson will be staying on as her chief technology officer. Dickinson became infamous earlier this year after Valleywag published a long string of tweets that were unbecoming the CTO of a major business publication (Business Insider).

WIM: Samsung Startup Accelerator's Emily Becher Talks Wearable Tech

The future of wearable tech is a world where our clothing and accessories will react to the world around us, in concert with us. Watches, clothing, glasses - all sorts of clothing and accessories - will have sensors that help us adjust to the weather or sunlight, take us in the right direction, help us hail a cab or enable us to remember who we're talking to without that embarrassing glance at their nametag.

My Husky Gets All the Attention on Walks; That's Cool with Me

Catcalls? Propositions? Smart-alecky remarks? Not when my Lumi is with me on leash!

Media Relations: Advice from a Pro

One of the biggest challenges for any company can be getting publicity. For a startup, the barrier can be even higher, because it's often less likely the parties involved have developed the appropriate relationships with the editors, bloggers and journalists necessary to get the word out.

The Best Twitter Chats for Marketers

At almost any given time, it seems, someone is hosting a Twitter chat somewhere. That's what it feels like, anyhow. Besides all the long-running standalone hashtag communities, such as #UsGuys and #SMGirlfriends and #MusicMonday (some of which have their own associated twitter chats), other communities gather together once a week or once a month to discuss specific topics, campaigns, issues, and other assorted interesting things.

I Met Grumpy Cat, and Now My Life Is Complete!

On the first official day of SXSW Interactive Festival, I was ready to go home. That's because I had the good fortune of getting in early to see Grumpy Cat (and also Scumbag Steve, but this is Catster, so we're focusing on the kitty here).

Digg v1, Mark 2 is totally 'meh'

Perhaps the most hotly anticipated resurrection in Web 2.0 history was greeted today by a resounding "meh."

eBook: Best Practices for Enterprise Social Media Management

Despite their (often) vast resources, it's sometimes nearly as difficult for large brands to develop a coherent social media strategy as it is for a small mom-and-pop company. Making social scale can be difficult, with different divisions owning different pieces of the pie and having different ideas of the role of social media in the enterprise.

The Power of Social in Social Media

There’s a lot of talk about how our online lives are making us more reclusive and less connected to others. I wholeheartedly disagree. The Internet and social media are making the world smaller than ever.