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Workplace Health & Safety

Here you can find the list of resources helps you to improve your workplace.

7 Tips to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflict is not something new. In professional life, everyone has to face it some time or another. Intervention helps employees. Tips and guide.

7 Tips to Avoid Conflict at the Workplace | by thiru kumaran | Jul, 2021 | Medium

The working environment plays a significant role in everyone’s professional life. A stressful working environment affects the performance of employees to a great extent; it affects the mental health…

How to prevent accidents in a workplace | Journal

Let us now look into ways that will prevent accidents and injuries at the workplace.

r/australia - Desk and office chair reccomendation for WFH?

27 votes, 47 comments. I got a fat tax return this year, and I'll be starting a new role soon where I'll be WFH a lot more than right now, so I'm …

How to set up ergonomic workstation - Blog HubBlog Hub

Working prolonged hours on a poorly designed worktable, you may experience pain in the neck and shoulders, discomfort in the back, hands, wrists, eyestrain, and headaches. Simple ergonomic adjustments in your workstation can avoid aches and injuries that disrupt effective production. 

7 Tips to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflicts exist everywhere at home, small or big institutions, government or private offices, factories, or manufacturing units.Workplace conflicts...

10 Ways to avoid sitting too long at work - Blog In Youth

Do you know sitting for prolonged hours at your work desk is not good for your health? Learn how can you protect your health from chronic ailments while doing sedentary jobs.

Workplace bullying: what it is, why does it occur? | elephant journal

Workplace bullying, as one of the main reasons for unnecessary workplace conflicts, disturbs the harmony of a workplace. Nearly four out of ten employees experience bullying at the workplace.

Ergonomics best practices for factory environments

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) occur in workers who do heavy lifting, do excessive repetitive work, and handle work-related awkward postures...

5 Ways to boost concentration at work

Follow simple ways to boost your concentration and maintain focus on work. Learning to concentrate will help you have a successful career and also a successful life.

How Ergonomics Improves Safety & Productivity in the Workplace | by thiru kumaran | Sep, 2021 | Medium

According to the International Labour Organization, 2.3 million people succumb to work-related diseases and accidents annually around the world. Besides, 160 million people become victims of…

7 ways to reduce the risks of workplace bullying

Workplace bullying ranges from harmless to impolite or abusive behaviour where one person threatens or humiliates another person. Workplace bullying exists in organisations between a person with authority and his subordinate or coworkers. According to a study conducted at the University of Phoenix, 75% of respondents were witnesses to workplace bullying or a target of […]

The Dangers of Playing Favourites at Work - Segal Conflict Solutions

While it is human nature to connect with some more than others, we have a responsibility as a manager of a team to ensure we don’t display double standards and instead treat everyone equally.

9 Major causes of workplace conflicts and how to resolve them | Journal

Resolving workplace conflicts in the earlier stage is easy to handle. Here are the main causes that will help you to identify and prevent growing into complex issues.

8 Ways to keep your construction site safe - TheOmniBuzz

Compared with all other jobs, workers at the construction site face the most dangerous hazards. Construction workers handle heavy machinery, electrical lines, fire hazards, fall from heights, and the sudden collapse of building structures. So, the construction employees at the site must follow all precautionary measures and standard safety rules to be safe.

Nine Major Causes of Workplace Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

Every organization faces conflicts now and then, even if rules and procedures are strictly in place. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and disagreement

9 Ways to prevent workplace conflict

People employed in an office or a manufacturing unit spend most of their lives in the workplace until retirement. If the work environment is not free from stress, the employees may not give their maximum attention to the job at hand.

How to Work Best at Home - Your Questions Answered - ErgoFurniture

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. Japan’s recently called the COVID-19 the “biggest crisis” since World War II. Businesses are sending

7 Emergency Evacuation Planning Tips for Your Workplace

Everyone wants their workplace to be a protected space and their employees away from any potential risks. When an emergency occurs in the workplace, it will affect the business.

Case Study: When employees leave in droves, look to workplace culture for answers. - Segal Conflict Solutions

I was hired by a mid-sized company concerned about the increasing number of employees resigning. Some were top-performers, and the organisation wanted to get to the bottom of why they were leaving. 

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Helping your employees to maintain their health and wellbeing helps to maintain good productivity. Here is a list of ways that boost the well-being of your employees.

Are you worried about weight gain because of sitting for prolonged hours at work? Here are simple ways to burn extra calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Workplace bullying – is mediation appropriate? - Segal Conflict Solutions

Is mediation appropriate for bullying allegations in the workplace? Read about the case study of mediating workplace bullying disputes.

8 Ways to keep your construction site safe

Working on a construction site may be risky and dangerous if safety measures are not followed strictly. Here are the ways to keep your construction site safe.

How to avoid sitting too long at work. by maxb5941 - Issuu

Read How to avoid sitting too long at work. by maxb5941 on Issuu and browse thousands of other publications on our platform. Start here!