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LMS Procurement: Guidance and Tips

With such a wide array of suppliers out there, procuring a learning management system isn’t as easy it used to be. There are so many things to consider and traps to avoid. Here you’ll find a collection of resources designed tell you everything you need to know about the LMS and everything you need to consider during procurement.


How Local Government Organisations Use Learning Management Systems to Boost Efficiency

Between national and state agendas, community expectations and regional talent scarcity, local governments face many workforce challenges. A good LMS can make all the difference.

To Compare LMS Systems the Right Way, You Need to Understand How They Operate

There is no one-size-fits-all LMS solution. Knowing why you need the software is important, because lacking that understanding means you won’t know how a solution will address the issues or gaps you have.

The 9 LMS Reporting Tools You Need for Effective Employee Training

An LMS is more than just a tool for eLearning. It’s also key to understanding the effectiveness of that learning through reporting and analytics. Just 9 critical reports can help you optimise your learning and convey ROI to the higher ups.

 How to Build a Robust LMS Business Case in 2022

We aren’t all Shakespearean wordsmiths or masterful powerbrokers, which makes it hard to write a compelling and robust LMS business case. Ensure yours stands out with a helpful step-by-step guide.

Choosing the Best Learning Management System (For Your Unique Organisation) in 2022 | Acorn LMS

Choosing the best learning management system for your organisation is no small feat. You need to be informed about everything – from the LMSs actual purpose to functionalities and deployment methods.

Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Learning Management System Purchasing Questions of Your Buyer Group

There are many steps involved in buying enterprise software and a new LMS can gain much attention given the organisation-wide impact it can have. No matter which scenario you face for procurement, a lot of questions will be sent your way, and you need to answer them well.

How to Buy LMS Software That’s Cost Effective (And Get Consensus For Your Budget)

When it comes to LMS procurement, one of the bigger hurdles will be getting the budget you need to deliver the results you want. That's why you want to get the jump on questions (and build budget consensus).

Building Consensus for Your Next LMS Purchase: The How To Guide

Procuring a new LMS is no easy feat, least of all because you need to get your buying group on the same page. Build consensus by finding a ‘common thread’ to rally behind and having encouraging answers for the questions that will be thrown your way.

Everything You Need to Know About a Hosted LMS & How To Choose One

Where should your LMS host its data? On the cloud or within your workplace walls? The answer ultimately depends on your organisation’s needs and budget.

Why Should Your Organisation Choose a Cloud-Based Learning Management Solution? | Acorn LMS

The cloud-based learning management system (LMS) commands the most attention, and with good reason. Unless you have specific requirements, it’s probably the most beneficial solution for you organisation.

Your Fool-Proof Guide to Avoiding 11 Common and Not-So-Common LMS Problems | Acorn LMS

Mistakes are part of life, but ideally when implementing an LMS, they should be few and far between. Developing a solid understanding of these mistakes will ensure you have a fighting chance to sidestep or mitigate them.

The Questions You Should Be Asking Before Talking to LMS Vendors | Acorn LMS

As of 2020, the global LMS industry is worth $15.72 billion. That’s made way for a lot of competing LMS vendors offering varying solutions. To help you understand what you need, you need to answer some key questions first.

Weighing Up Your LMS Options? We’ve Done the Hard Work For You | Acorn LMS

The humble LMS has evolved into a product that is more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. This has made it harder to find the perfect solution for your organisation. Consider your use case, deployment mode and key considerations to help you decide what is worth your time and money.

Why Should You Consider an HR–LMS Integration With Your Learning Management System? | Acorn LMS

An LMS-HR integration benefits both human resource teams and learners. The integration pulls data from both systems into a central repository, cutting down hours of paper-heavy admin work and allowing HR to focus on people.

Why Is the User Experience So Important When Implementing a Learning Management System? | Acorn LMS

The success of an eLearning initiative can quite literally hinge on the LMS user experience (UX). A good UX makes an LMS effective, easy-to-use and enjoyable to engage with.

Your Ultimate LMS Pricing Comparison Guide | Acorn LMS

LMS pricing isn’t as simple as a one off expense like an item in the supermarket. There are different pricing models and hidden costs. To get the best value LMS, organisations need to conduct due diligence during selection.

Looking to Host Your Own LMS System? Here’s What You Need to Know… | Acorn LMS

When deciding on locally hosting your own learning management system, you’ll want to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of not only local hosting, but also cloud hosting as well. If you decide to go the local route, there are a number of requirements your organisation will need to consider.

How To Conduct An LMS Feasibility Study - Questions & Pitfalls | Acorn LMS

A feasibility study is a fancy name for assessing the practicality of a proposed plan. An LMS Feasibility Study usually takes place after you receive back a completed request for proposal (RFP) from a supplier. There are some questions you need to ask and common pitfalls to avoid.

How To Perform A Successful eLearning Platform Comparison | Acorn LMS

eLearning platforms have diversified exponentially since the late 90s. It’s important to thoroughly understand the differences in the platforms available and how to work out exactly what they can do for you.

Your Comprehensive LMS RFP Template | Acorn LMS

A bad LMS RFP dilutes brand value, sparks administrative delays and saps money and time from both ends. To ensure a correct and useful LMS RFP, it’s important to craft it following a comprehensive template and evaluate based on key criteria.

How To Conduct A Successful Learning Content Management System Comparison

Despite the similar acronyms, an LMS and LCMS are different things. There are several characteristics which separate the two. If you’re considering an LCMS, there are multiple features you want to compare to ensure you get the right one.

How To Expertly Create a Learning Management System RFP | Acorn LMS

A request for proposal (RFP) is the key criteria you’ll use to evaluate and compare LMS suppliers. Take the time to build a clear RFP to help define your requirements and cut out the fat when comparing suppliers.

How To Conduct An LMS Features Comparison | Acorn LMS

An LMS features comparison is integral to matching your business needs to your LMS needs. Here is a list of the most common LMS features.

LMS Software Comparison: Questions and Strategies | Acorn LMS

The types of LMS, pricing plans, market trends, questions to ask, strategies to utilise… There are an insurmountable number of things to consider and ask when looking to procure a learning management system.