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Updated by Stephan Marais on Jul 12, 2013
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Inbound Marketing, Content, Outreach & Blogging - Round Up, 12 July 2013

Why it's time for PR professionals to embrace paid media

PRs have traditionally crafted stories that win or lose by their storytelling craft. If the story isn't powerful enough then the journalist will slam the phone down in a rage and never speak to you again.

4 Incredible Content Marketing Case Studies From

This month I have decided to take a slightly different angle for my post. Usually, I try to connect digital marketing with behavioural and psychological aspects, however this time around I've been looking at outstanding and smart content examples which I would like to share with you here.

Content Strategy: Maximize Results By Following Up With Follow Throughs

Content offers are premium content offered in exchange for some basic information (ie., "fill out this form to receive our free ebook") This allows you to build a segmented email list (one that is broken down by subject interest) and to build on the initial interest - hopefully culminating in a new customer for you!

How To Make The Most Of User-Generated Content

Handing any of your content creation over to your customers might seem like a logistical nightmare. Loosening the leash on what gets published online about your business is a risky move for sure, but with plenty of people taking to social networking and blogging sites every day, your brand may already be the topic at their fingertips.

Five SEO tools PRs should be using

I have to admit, before I started at Branded3 I had never worked in SEO before (I come from a PR background) and only had a vague idea of what it was.

Analytics Blog

The following was originally posted to the Inside AdWords blog. It's important for businesses to stay up to date about the most recent research and insights related to their industry. Unfortunately -- with so many new studies and with data being updated so often -- it can difficult to keep up.

10 brilliant digital marketing campaigns from McDonald's

As the largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonald's is no stranger to the effects that digital has had on consumers. Those who are responsible for using digital to drive people towards those magical Golden Arches have thought of some clever digital marketing campaigns over the past couple of years.

The Most Amazing (Content) Marketing Campaign. Ever. - SEOgadget

As SEOs turned content marketers, our industry has been looking for ways to create great content that attracts links. If we're really content marketers we need to be thinking more about how to create great campaigns that help businesses get visibility, share their message, launch new assets and build and shape a brand.

Press Release Tips to Get You Noticed: 15 Journalists Tell You How

We've all heard from plenty of PR geniuses about how to optimize your press release and pitch for your best chance at coverage, but it's rare to hear from the journalists, bloggers and TV and radio producers themselves. Probably because they're busy plowing through the thousands of press releases we send them every day.