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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 18, 2021
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5 Best Siem Reap Dishes – Time to dive in!

The city of Siem Reap consistently amazes all those who enter with a spectrum of delicious dishes. This is typically complemented by the warm community, electric energy and the stunning vista's that surround it. Simply hang on tight and you will be thrust through some very decadent dishes!


The wonder of Pork with Broken Rice

When it comes to a delicious treat on the go, there is no better pitstop than one at a restaurant serving this dish which is also known as Bai Sach Chrouk.
Sold on the roadside food stalls for as little as $1, this dish provides Cambodians everywhere a nourishing and drool-worthy meal to be enjoyed.
The dish is simple and delicious, with raw pork that is slow-cooked or marinated with coconut milk, it is topped with the pork slice on a bed of rice. It is also accompanied by some scrambled eggs, pickled vegetables and a bowl of chicken broth.
The perfect meal to energize yourself with after a heavy-duty day of walking around and exploring the city upon arrival.


You cannot run from Fish Amok

This dish is exquisitely amazing and hotels such as the Anantara Angkor Resort provide such dishes in a manner that makes them the peak of Siem Reap dining.
In order for the dish to be perfect, it needs to consist of a freshwater fish fillet that is steamed with curry and banana leaves. The soft texture of the fish coupled with the Khmer-style curry paste adds a zing that makes food enthusiasts go wild. Traditionally, this dish is most popular during the Water Festival, but can also be found at many restaurants year-round.


Living La Vida 'Lok Lak'

It is much more than a dream when you are presented with a dish that is packed heavily with layers of stir-fried beef besides a mountain of rice and some lettuce. This heavily marinated beef is a delight to the taste buds but it can also be swapped out in favour of venison, pork, chicken and even tofu.


The Spice is right

The Khmer Red Curry never disappoints when it comes to delivering a punch packed to the brim with flavour. With a much more balanced flavour profile, the spices shine to provide a healthy broth that just begs for bread to be dipped into.
The Khmer Kitchen Restaurant is typically recommended as a good place to get some red curry and many travellers rave about this dish.


It is the Nom Banh Chok

Khmer noodles are a delight. This dish is typically considered a quick and easy breakfast meal to get you ready for the day ahead. Many local women will gather at the markets in downtown Siem Reap to sell out their stock of this delicious dish.
The bowl of noodles will generally consist of rice noodles, mint leaves, an assortment of crispy vegetables as well as a fish-based green curry.
This combination of flavours makes for a sound and truly refreshing pick me up, any day of the week.