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Headline for Traditional Emirati desserts you must try in Abu Dhabi – Desserts at the desert
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Traditional Emirati desserts you must try in Abu Dhabi – Desserts at the desert

The sweets that are a part of the selection of Emirati desserts are delicate yet powerful and make for delicious additions at the tea table or when having company over. With recipes that span back generations, people still find these dishes irresistible and visitors get sent home with new cravings.


Maybe some Maamoul will help

Many of the desserts that are enjoyed by the Emirati people find that flour, dates and honey play a vital role in building what will ultimately become a completed dessert.
For example, the spiced date cookies that are referred to as 'maamoul' have recipes that come back through time. These cookies are commonplace on the tables when guests visit and are usually stuffed with crushed nuts and date paste make for delectable bites.
Perfectly complemented with the aroma and flavour of some local black coffee, there is no better way to spend your afternoon in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are visiting one of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi or if you have accommodation at the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel either party will be able to assist you and your compatriots enjoy such an experience.


The dreamy Umm Ali

This dish is not called dreamy in exaggeration, popularly eaten during the Eid celebration, this stunning creamy pudding made up of butter and bread never lets you down.
The combination of ingredients such as puff pastry, pistachios, dates and dried coconut flakes, give birth to a dessert that is both soothing and invigorating. Each bite is a delightful combination of sugar, cream and milk along with a good chunk of bread. There is an insatiable interest in this dish and it is very easy to see why.


Basbousa, at your service!

There is nothing more wholesome than a Levantine cake. Amongst Emirati desserts, there is a tendency for people to serve this after a family meal to taper off from the meal that was just consumed.
A simple semolina cake is sometimes powdered with coconut and soaked in syrup and blanched almonds to create a juicy mouthful of cake. What makes this dish special is that it is fairly simple to make and you also have to option to either use, orange blossom water, rose water or even yoghurt.


Meet the Chebab

No breakfast table is completed without the presence of several healthy servings of this local rendition on pancakes. As with many cuisines, the recipes can tend to be considered family secrets, and each family is very proud of their flavours. Nonetheless, the dish is consistently delicious. The pancakes provide people with a kick of sweetness and spices and it deserved to be topped off with a hefty dose of some date syrup.


Let's try the Luqaimat

This dish consisting of many deep-fried dumplings are perfectly crispy on the exterior while being soft and spongy in the middle. The best accompaniment to this dish is a bit of date molasses that go together with some sesame seeds!