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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for 5 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to Africa - Five Must-have Items to Pack for Your African Getaway
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5 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to Africa - Five Must-have Items to Pack for Your African Getaway

The chance to travel to Africa on holiday is a dream come true for most of us but knowing what to pack can be tricky. Here are 5 essential items all travellers must have in their luggage to enjoy a successful vacation in Africa.


Water Filtration Bottle

Anyone who's heading for a getaway in Africa must pack a water filtration bottle as it may be the only way to ensure the water you are drinking on the trip is safe and clean. While those who are based at Avani Hotels & Resorts or even guesthouses or hotels in Botswana can rely on a fresh supply of bottled water, it is not practical to carry enough of these mineral water bottles for when one is travelling around the continent or spending time camping in the bush. Safe drinking water remains a luxury for most in Africa, so tourists must take water safety into their own hands by bringing an easy-to-use water filtration bottle from LifeStraw or Grayl Ultralight along. These filters can rid any contaminated water of disease-causing bacteria and prevent one from falling ill during the trip.


Wet Wipes

Whether it's to use during long drives or camping excursions and wildlife safaris, wet wipes are an indispensable item for all tourists planning a trip to Africa. Showers and access to fresh and clean water may not always be available in Africa and this is especially true once one is outside of the cities and in the more rural regions of the continent. Serving as effective cleaning agents, wet wipes and even baby wipes can help one stay fresh on the go and keep body odour at bay when a shower is a long way away. Purchasing biodegradable wet wipes is better for the environment as one does not wish to add more plastic and synthetic materials in a continent that does not have a comprehensive recycling system or a garbage disposal network.



While it is perfectly easy to pay for goods and services with credit cards and debit cards in Africa's big cities, carrying cash is a more efficient way to pay for literally anything outside main townships. US dollars are easy to exchange for local currency and most local vendors across the continent will accept dollars as payment. Even hotels, restaurants and roadside fuel stations will have no issue accepting US dollars. ATMs in Africa can be less than reliable, so it is necessary to carry enough US dollars for one's daily needs and withdraw a significant amount when one does have access to a bank or an ATM.


Bug Spray

Mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects are unfortunately part and parcel of a holiday in Africa as the hot and humid weather conditions create the perfect breeding ground for these creepy crawlies. Strong bug repellents should, therefore, be bought in one's home country and packed securely so that they do not leak on the way.


Batteries and Converters

Access to electricity and electrical sockets that are suitable for your electronic devices in Africa may be limited. This is why one must pack enough batteries, adapters and converters so your phone and other devices can operate well during the vacation period.