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8 Reasons why you should visit Bintan Island – Must-see Indonesian attractions

One of the most visited Indonesian islands, Bintan is a popular escape for tourists and locals in Indonesia. Getting to the island involves a short ferry ride from the mainland.


About Bintan

The island offers a plethora of things to do and see. The calming beaches are ideal for relaxing and taking in the beautiful ocean views. Trikora Beach, in particular, is known for kitesurfing. The best time to visit the island for the activity occurs from July to September and March to June. Apart from kitesurfing, things to do in Bintan are aplenty. The island also offers a variety of accommodation options, including The Residence Bintan.


Panglong Village

This is where Indonesia's earliest settlers, the Orang Laut, live. Before coming to Bintan, these people were fishermen who used to earn a daily living. Their houses were built by the sea, and they had traditional boats for fishing. The village is a cache of the old charm of the island; the iconic brick igloos used for producing charcoal are the main attraction here. Visiting this village will earn you an incredible experience replete with historical attractions.


Crystal Lagoon

An amazing manmade structure, Crystal Lagoon is a must-visit on your Bintan tour. It spans over 60 hectares and is filled with clean, crystal clear water. The Treasure Bay Crystal Lagoon is the first human-made saltwater lagoon in Southeast Asia. You have the option of floating around in the water for hours, or you can relax on the powdery white sand. The lagoon is also known for watersports.


The Thousand Face Temple

You'll find the Thousand Face Temple to be unlike any other temple you've ever seen. This is a cultural and religious attraction of the island. The site is known for its lifelike statues that total up to 500; they all have different facial expressions. With its grand shrines and the gate, the site feels like a Chinese temple.


Local dishes

Indonesia's cuisine is noteworthy for the use of fish. Bintan, especially, offers numerous seafood dishes. Grilled fish is a local favourite, and dining on the island gets you beautiful sunset and ocean views.



The residence of the island's Chinese population, Senggarang is a small fishing village. With canals flowing through the village, the village has the countenance of Venice. The wooden houses are the characteristic feature of Senggarang. This is where the Chinese people first settled, and as a result, the village has numerous temples and shrines. Senggarang is also the ideal place for sampling local food.


Trikora Beach

The beach was the island's first tourist hub. Trikora Beach is still lined with traditional looking bungalows, eateries and cafes. The place is still visited by many tourists who are drawn by its laidback atmosphere. You can find a lot of things to do here, including snorkelling and swimming. If you feel like just lounging, you can do so at a cabana while snacking on local food.


Outdoor activities

Aside from sightseeing and lounging on the beach, you can partake in some outdoor activities. Golfing, paintballing and air rifle shooting are all possibilities on the island.


Mount Bintan

Getting to Mount Bintan involves a hike through a fascinating jungle tract. These hiking tracks bring you a close encounter with the island's tropical beauty. Getting to the mountain top may not be as easy as you would like, but the hikers are rewarded with gorgeous river, beach and jungle scenery. You'll also encounter several bird species and waterfalls along the way.


Don't stress too much over activities

The island exudes natural beauty; the best thing to do here is to relax and appreciate the beautiful landscape. Worrying too much about making the most of your time will only do the opposite.