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Anime With a Huge Plot Twists At The End

Our hearts quite like anime specifically when a series pulls the metaphorical rough out from underneath. All of our expectations and knowledge of the world and characters. Which anime series has the most striking most unexpected shifts that no one saw coming. Well, we’ve got our picks for the top anime plot twist and warning there shall be spoilers ahead.

Anime Like Tokyo Revengers

The idea of time traveling to change the past was one many many times in anime. But what we love about similar anime like Tokyo avengers is how time travel is accomplished. one minute, Tokyo Avengers is akin to the slides of life, and the next becomes a dark story.

Sad Romance Anime

Sad anime makes our heartbreak with emotions of love anger. These top 10 best sad and depressing romance anime will make you cry.

Anime Where Popular Girl Falls In Love With An Unpopular Guy

Romance is one of the best types, and if done right, it will appear. The hot topic everyone likes to talk about is when a popular anime where popular girl falls for mc. In school or in imagination.

Transferred to Another World Anime

Top 10 transferred to another world anime these are all anime of protagonists stumbling across a strange land have their share of fantasy.

Anime where the MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes OP

The top 10 anime where the MC gets betrayed and comes overpower op. They are not the typical series where the main character is loved by all.

Best Zombies Animes

The top 10 best zombie anime series for this list looking at the most iconic series that revolves around the dead chlorine their way back to life.

Anime Like Assassination Classroom

Anime Like Assassination Classroom is one of the best anime of the 2015 Winter season Usually, murder is a very nasty and cruel act.

Anime Like Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon

Similar anime like Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon filled with insane antics and or monster girls of their own. They're sure to get a laugh.

Wind Users Anime Characters

The wind is one of the essential elements released by air users anime characters that raise the theme of magic, fantasy, and others.