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Top 8 hidden gems of Mauritius – Tourist attractions that will blow your mind

An island in South-East Africa, Mauritius is popular for its natural attractions. Its lagoons, reefs and beaches attract tourists from around the world. Here are the top attractions of the island.


La Vanille Nature Park

Spanning over 3.5 hectares, La Vanille Nature Park is one of the family-friendly attractions of the island. The park's main feature is the giant tortoises; the park shelters the largest number of these tortoises.


Mauritius Botanical Garden

Known as the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere, Mauritius Botanical Garden is another gem of the island. The garden is also referred to as SSR Botanical Garden. The history of the garden goes back to 1767, and it is known for its massive water lilies; the spice garden is another appealing feature. Being a popular tourist spot, the best resorts in Mauritius arrange tours to Mauritius Botanical Garden.


Black River Gorges National Park

Found in the western part of the island, Black River Gorges National Park occupies around 6,000 hectares. Tourist resorts, including The Residence Mauritius, offer tailormade tours to the park. The park was constructed to protect the island's natural vegetation. This is also one of the best tourist attractions on the island. Sightseeing is the most common activity here, and if you manage to get to the Black River Peak, the highest point of the park, you'll be rewarded with the most beautiful scenery. The park consists of trails, picnic areas and information centres. Black River Gorges National Park nurtures a wide range of wild species, including the famous flying fox.


Port Louis

The island's capital, Port Louis, has a history that dates back to 1735. The port was built by a French colonist. What makes the port a worthy tourist attraction is the surrounding mountain range, the Port Louis Moka Range. The city has several structures that speak of the colonial era of the island; La Citadelle and Fort Adelaide were built by the British colonists. Port Louis is also home to a number of museums, including Mauritius Stamp Museum, Mauritius Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum. This is also where you see the island's oldest post office.


Grand Bassin

Also called Ganga Talao, Grand Bassin is a lake found deep within the island. The lake is ensconced in a mountainous tract, which makes it a little secluded. Grand Bassin is sacred to the Hindus on the island; they believe that the lake corresponds with the holy lakes in India. Hindu people travel to the lake on Siva's Great Night festival; this when the Lord Siva is praised and honoured. There's also a giant statue overlooking the lake, which is the highest statue in Mauritius.


Chamarel Park

The park is popular with geology enthusiasts. The soil of the park has seven different colours, which is what makes the park unique. This is the only place where you'll see seven earth colours in one place. Brown, violet, red, yellow and purple are some of the colours seen at the park. As a bonus, the park also has waterfalls; the Waterfall of Mauritius is an example.


Eureka Creole House

Another gem of the island, Eureka Creole House is an ancient house surrounded by the Moka Range and Moka River. With 109 doors and windows, Eureka Creole House is one of the largest houses on the island.



the island has several waterfalls, including Alexandra Waterfall, Chamarel Waterfall, Rochester Waterfall, Tamarind Waterfall and Exil Waterfall.


Other attractions

The island has many other sites worth visiting. Flacq Market, Balaclava Ruins and Mahebourg some of the places you should consider.