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6 Romantic places in Tunisia – Things to do on a romantic holiday

Although seen as a beach destination, Tunisia has plenty of tourist attractions awaiting those who venture off the coastline. The country is endowed with magnetic North African beauty.



Tunisia might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a romantic holiday, but the country has so many beautiful things to see and fun things to do. The beaches offer gorgeous sunsets, the expansive desert has sweeping dunes, and the ancient ruins induce curiosity in every traveller. The Romans took a great interest in Tunisia, which is evident by the tokens they left behind. The country has also been influenced by the Arab Empires, and Islamic architecture can be witnessed all over the country. Tunisia resorts offer every creature comfort, and tourists are given a wide range to choose from; an example of Tunisian accommodation is The Residence Tunis.



If you are looking for the perfect romantic beach getaway, Djerba fits the description. The main highlight of the island is Houmat Souk, found off the coastline. The old town is dotted with traditional whitewashed houses. The souk is an experience in itself, with numerous local vendors selling a variety of handicrafts. Out of all the island's attractions, the pristine coastline lined with date palms is the best.



The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit if you are interested in North Africa's fascinating past. Visiting the ruins might not be the most romantic thing to do, but it sure is worthwhile. Carthage was a great city that was reduced to nothing more than rubble during the Punic Wars. The site still bears a modicum of its past glory.



The country's main sea resort, Hammamet is all about beach getaways. Nothing here is rushed, and the locals seem to be calm. The serene atmosphere of the town is a draw for couples, and the white buildings contrast perfectly with the blue waters of the sea. Sunbathing on the soft white beach is one of the things to do here, and off-the-beach activities include shopping in the old souk and strolling in the medina. Hammamet is meant for those that want a few hours in perfect relaxation.


Sousse Medina

The old town of Sousse invites those who love the old Mediterranean charm. The alleyways are rimmed with white houses, and there's a shopping complex offering a tempting collection of metalwork, leatherwork and ceramics. The town, away from the bustling souk, is calm and peaceful, the ideal place to glimpse local life.


Grand Org Oriental

Tunisia's much of the interior consists of the desert. The loveliest part of the desert is the collection of sand dunes referred to as the Grand Org Oriental. The ever-changing desert sands shape these incredibly beautiful dunes. Many tourists visit for camel treks and riding dune buggies, but the best thing and the romantic thing to do is to sit at the top of a dune and watch the setting sun that harmonizes the desert with its orange rays.


Sidi Bou Said

Visiting this picturesque clifftop village is one of the romantic things to do in Tunisia. It almost has the appearance of a picture on a canvas; it is obvious that artists have had a hand in creating this incredibly photogenic village. Nothing speaks of the Tunisian village architecture better than the whitewashed houses with blue door frames and wrought-iron windows. The backdrop of the bright blue sea contrasts well with the village architecture. Sidi Bou Said is a place to while away while sampling the local food and shopping at the artisan shops.