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Aluminium Railings – The Preferred Choice For Outdoor Installation

Start remodelling your house by marshalling your outdoor living space. Outdoor railings are always the best option to make your place safe, attractive, and cozy without hitting the mark. Moreover, by adding style, colour, and finish, you can completely transform the appearance of your place.

Aluminium Railings – The Preferred Choice For Outdoor Installation – Satkartar Glass Solutions

Start remodelling your house by marshalling your outdoor living space. Outdoor railings are always the best option to make your place safe, attractive, and cozy without hitting the mark. Moreover, by adding style, colour, and finish, you can completely transform the appearance of your place. At the start of any renovation project, you should consider…

All about Glass Railings

A glass railing is a very popular part of the infrastructure and is mostly used in the interior design of a given space or at the façade of any building. The most important feature about selecting a glass panel is making sure that it's safe. Safety is the primary concern. Hence, it's always advisable to purchase glass railings from a well-established and trusted organization. With a trusted and well-established organization, there is an assurance of the glass products used as the designing, the

Energy Efficient Glass -

Glass is one of the most popular and versatile building materials used today and modern performance glass is extraordinary in various aspects. One such aspect is energy efficiency. In winters and summers, there is a lot of heat energy and cold wave energy that we need to store indoors to remain comfortable. When we talk about modern glasses there is an additional double glazing coating done, to prevent the energy to leave the confined space.

UPVC Windows and Doors

UPVC stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. When we do not add any kind of plasticizers to polyvinyl chloride then we obtain the material called Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This non-addition of plasticizers makes it a rigid and highly durable material

Windows and its types.

The main purpose of the windows is to provide you with ventilation and allow natural light in the house. When used beautifully in the design of the house, it also acts as a focal point for the…

Glass Film and Satkartar Glasses | satkartarglass

Glass Film is also known as Designer Film and it is used in both residential and commercial spaces. It is used to cover the glass and is mainly used to enhance

What is an Insulated Glass?

Satkartar Glass Solutions are in this industry since 1963 and deals in Glass Partitions for Office, Glass Railings, Aluminium Glass Partitions, Bathroom Glass Partitions, and Sliding Glass Doors. Have worked with a lot of architects, designers, builders, contractors and end-users.

Types of Doors and Tips for Installing Doors – Satkartar Glass Solutions

What is the function? Doors are the huge wall cuttings that serve as open barriers to enter and exit different parts of a space. It provides you with privacy and security. They can do wonders to change the aesthetic of your space. It also allows ventilation and light in your space. Parts of a Door:-…

How to take care of your glass installations ? - Satkartar Glass Solution

Hot water etching, drizzle stains, scratches are some of the common problems that we face from time to time with our glass installations such as glass partitions, shower glass, balcony railings, staircase railings, mirrors etc. With the passage of time these glass installations develop stains, scratches etc.

Modular Glass Partitions:- A Sneak Peek

The construction industry has gone through many key changes in the last few decades. Modular Glass Partition is one of those key changes. This is the broader term for DGU and VIG. It is that major…

Get the best for your bathrooms | satkartarglass

An average human being spends his lifetime in the bathroom. Nowadays, with the modern constructions in metro cities, space remains a constant constraint.

Why Glass is the favourite

Modular Glass Partition in Delhi is the most commonly used material in the construction industry and there are three prime reasons why it is used

Aluminum Railings: A key part of all our spaces

Have you ever seen any structure that does not contain the popular aluminium railings? No, that's because that's the extent to which they are popular. They are popular in every kind of city and are being used for every kind of infrastructure. Delhi is known for its well-developed infrastructure and buildings, aluminium railings in Delhi is a key component in the construction industry.  

Which is better PVB or SGP ?

Normal Glass has slow strength and durability and when it breaks, it breaks into sharp pieces which are not good from a safety point of view. Hence, Satkartar Glasses, the leading manufacturer of glass products and services in Delhi always urges people to use office glass partitions. These office glass partitions in Delhi NCR are…

How to choose a Partition Wall ?

Glass partitions are the most common part of any infrastructure in the city. However, another most common part of these glass partitions are called partition walls. These partition walls and glass partitions found are manufactured by the most experienced manufacturers Satkartar Glass Solutions a well-known name in Glass partition in Delhi.

Why do offices need glass partitions ?

Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc are the major regions for the industries and offices. Since they are so densely populated, hence securing a huge area for the professional buildings can be a daunting task.

Future of Indian Glass Industry

Covid just like other industries has hit the glass industry alike and has completely changed the layout of it. This has also impacted the key trends in the glass industry both at national and international level. Products which were very popular in the glass industry before covid such sliding partitions, internal glass partitions stopped getting sold out as everything was shot down in lockdown. The best internal glass partitions in Delhi made by Satkartar Glass Solutions were rendered of no use

Are you a part of the Glass Age?

At Satkartar Glass solution, we are known to deal in string quality glass products ranging from glass balconies to modular glass partition in delhi ncr. Being in the industry for over five decades now, we have seen the complete evolution of the glass age and the innovations driving the same.

Amazing Timeline of Fabric Sandwich Glass | Digital media blog website

when glass was produced from white pebbles and burnt vegetation and replaced the glass which was made from much more readily available materials.

How to set up a stunning balcony with low maintenance

Material for the balcony railings such as aluminium railings, there are other important ways also which are low maintenance

Top reasons to install glass railings - Acute Posting

Aluminium railings in popularity are the glass railings. Glass railings have more than one reason to be an ideal choice for the railings.

Advantages of having Glass partitions and Unique trends for your home -

Glass partitions are very easy to install and uninstall. It is almost effortless to unmount and remount them

Decorate your office with sliding glass doors and partitions – Satkartar Glass Solutions

Offices, business and the way of working are evolving in all directions, so are the infrastructure of offices. The traditional infrastructure of offices believed in the Cubicle system, whereas the modern infrastructure model is a huge fan of sliding glass doors and partitions. Commercial office owners after realising the benefits involved in using sliding glass…

Why choose modular glass partitions? | Lifehack

Benefits of modular glass partitons