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10 Best Posts at Ipnostudio-The Hypnotism Weekly

This is the list of the 10 best articles at Ipnostudio - The Hypnotism Weekly as of July 2013.

How to Open Your Third Eye Step by Step

This article is a quick recap on how to open your third eye plus a specific technique to boost your results. Adding it to the Self Hypnosis Technique I explained on my other article about the third eye it will surely get you results faster.

How to Open the Third Eye and Unleash Your Psychic Intuition

What is Psychic Intuition? Psychic Powers might exist or not but Intuition surely is a real thing. Maybe is knowledge about unknown things but surely is a knowledge derived from receiving information from all five senses as one. Would you dismiss it in this case?

How Hypnotherapy Works and Why it can Help You

Of all techniques to improve someone's life Hypnotherapy should be the first to consider for a simple reason: Hypnotherapy works and it's usually pretty fast in providing results. It makes your brain and mind to work differently and as a whole toward a specific desired result, it makes your mind to be like a laser beam instead of a simple lamp.

Holiday Depression: Forget Christmas Depression

Christmas depression can ruin one of the best periods of the year when we should be able to enjoy time with friends and relatives. But why do you feel so down during Christmas? What are the reasons for your holiday depression? I'm sure you know what they are.

Motivation Comes from Inside, the Theory is Flawed

What is Motivation? Can we find a way to motivate and push ourselves and others to achieve a desired results? What is the Motivation Theory? Does everyone need words of encouragement? I'm going to tell you how it works so before spending your hard earned money on any motivational stuff you will see if you really need it.

Mind Body and Soul: Why Harmony Matters

Why you fail sometimes? Because your Mind, Body and Soul aren't balanced as they should. To use the Subconscious Mind Power, our most important friend, especially with Hypnosis we must first understand how we, as human beings, are made. Usually our whole being is divided into Min d, Soul.

Self Hypnosis Techniques: How to Develop Healthy Habits

Self Hypnosis techniques are pretty useful to substitute healthy habits to bad ones. As I said in another article habits can be seen as a kind of highways of the mind, a preferred road to answer to a stimulus so creating a better road is the best way to drop the old one.

Overweight? What about Weight Loss Hypnosis?

If you are overweight Weight Loss Hypnosis can help you but you must first understand why you got all those unwanted pounds and then accept it. You can't cheat yourself so be honest; then you can think about using Hypnosis to get results. Believe me, it's possible to healthily lose that weight.

How to Hypnotize Yourself and How to Relax at Will

Knowing how to relax at will is one of the best thing everyone can do, not only because it's the first requisite to be able to hypnotize yourself but also because in the world we're living where almost everyone is a bit stressed it's an ability which can really change your life.

The Subconscious Mind Power Explained

The Subconscious is amazing and has a kind of infinite power, so much that a common saying in the field of Hypnosis is that " Your mind can heal and your mind can kill ". And this is pretty correct.