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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Facilities Available at Connect@Changi – For safer business meetings!
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5 Facilities Available at Connect@Changi – For safer business meetings!

The bubble accommodation facility in Changi Airport is the world's first, and in time many are bound to follow. Until then have a look at what the facilities entail for safer business meetings during the pandemic.



Connect@Changi has begun its initial building by including 150 premium guestrooms, with 40 conference rooms that can support a variety of meeting in different capacities. It could be from just 4 to 22 people. This will increase to about 660 visitor rooms and 170 conference rooms once the opening stage of the outline is finished in May. When adequately equipped the hotel facility will have the possibility to receive at least 1,300 business passengers at a given time. These will be the ideal meeting rooms in Singapore, during COVID times, that ensures safety and comfort for all concerned.



The facility is only five minutes from the Changi Airport and the ideal place to meet and get work done within a safe and hygiene-controlled environment. The conference centre uses prefabricated rooms that are heaped in two levels, with different pods for conference rooms plus a gym. The rooms are made for self-service and airtight with floor-to-roof glass panelling. Access points, exits and air-conditioning systems are held separately. The air-conditioning and automated ventilation systems provide fresh and a purified airflow throughout the vicinity.



All rooms have a length of 19 square metres, with high-speed Wi-Fi for all work-related needs as well as for entertainment.
There is also an entrance to recreational spaces in two courtyards, which are enclosed in a park-like ambience. Rooms are priced at US$290 per night, which includes all three meals, a free minibar, toiletries, plus a two-way airport transfer is also attached to the deal. Furthermore, all the expenses for precautionary COVID 19 testing will also be included for the duration of the stay.



To lessen direct contact between guests and the staff all meals will be provided and delivered to the shelves that are pre-installed outside of each room. Guests can order additional food from self-service outlets such as from Starbucks, and order meals from Changi Airports food delivery service as well as Changi Eats. Any dietary requirements will have to be stated in advance.


Health and Safety

All overseas travellers that arrive at Connect@Changi have to agree to go through an extensive testing schedule during their stay. The testing will include a polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) on the day of arrival at the airport, then followed by another on the third day, on the seventh day, and the fourteenth day. Guests will have to have another test just before their scheduled departure, as required by the country travelling to. One can register and check in with the facility before arriving to lessen contact with the front-line staff. Guests based in Singapore are not required to go through mandatory testing. Foreign visitors and local guests will have separate entrances/exits to access the site, as well as completely different ventilation systems.