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Updated by Tracy Corell on Jul 16, 2013
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Favorite Apps

These are the apps on my iPad that I have open most often. Some in the classroom, some for organization, some for pleasure.

Big Bad Sudoku Book

Lots of difficulty levels. Good interface for solving puzzles. Great time waster. . .($)




Great app for organization. I have it on all my technology and syncing in effortless. Works with notes, websites, photos, screenshots, URLs, etc. (free or premium)


Follow social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, get news feeds or topics of interest. Probably my biggest time waster, but I love it. (free)

LiveBinders App

Great curation tool--set up binders to remember sites, organize units, list sites for students to use, etc. Love LiveBinders! (free)

National Geographic World Atlas

Fun 3-D map interface with zoom in for details. ($)


My favorite notebook--take notes w/handwriting, typing, recording, PDF annotation. Share with multiple platforms! Love it; use it all the time. (free)

Password Safe-Store App

With this app I can have a different password for every app/website/account/etc. It's saved me many times! ($)


Create posters, flyers, invitations, etc. using the included templates. Save to iPad gallery, then you can print a variety of ways. ($)


Pin images from around the web or your camera, categorize pins with boards, get inspiration from other's boards. (free)




When you find something in a browser or app like Twitter, Flipboard, or Zite, and you want to view it later (off-line), put it in Pocket. (free)




Cloud based presentations--create on the computer and share on the iPad or iPhone. Way more fun than Keynote or Power Point! (free)


A safe way for teachers to text message students and keep in touch with parents.

  • Announcements “I will not be at school today. Please encourage your classmates to be respectful to the substitute teacher.”
  • Motivation “Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors. We’re so proud of you!”
  • Keeping Parents Informed “Parents, please remember permission slips are due by the 1st!”
  • Fun Facts! “Fact: The longest one-syllable word in the English language is 'screeched'”
  • Study Tips “Unit 5 test tomorrow. Study tip: review all the worksheets.” (free)

National Science Foundation app with images and short videos around a variety of topics. I love it for filling gaps at the end of the day or on shortened schedules. (free)




I love this app for marking up photos, screen shots, maps, etc. I can save them to my gallery or Evernote. (free)




Love it for timed tests, timed review games, etc.

USA Today

Fun news source. Great for current events. Plus a daily crossword! (free)

Zuma's Revenge!

Just like the PC version. Arcade style game. ($)