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Collin Box & Supply

Collin Box & Supply has been providing Packaging, Shipping and Moving Supplies in the New England area for more than 70 years. Our inventories consist of boxes, protective packaging, mailers, cargo control and just about anything else needed to ship your products safely.

Collin Box also offers the best service of anyone in the Packaging Industry, 95 percent of all orders are delivered on our own trucks, saving you freight costs.

Stock Boxes For E-Commerce Shipping | Collin Shipping Supplies Boston

Collin Box provides high-quality Stock Boxes For E-Commerce Shipping and protective packaging supplies to moving companies and other organizations in Boston, MA

Packing Supplies Company | Just In Time Warehousing | Collin BoxCollin Box & Supply

Collin Box can warehouse your Customized Boxes and deliver them to you when needed. Always be a quick phone call from replenishing your stock. Call 508-230-5833

Heavy-Duty Boxes| Collin Box Supply| Moving Boxes|Corrugated MailersCollin Box & Supply

Collin Box supplies high clients with several different options for boxes. Please call or submit a form for custom packaging.

Packaging Tapes for Professionals | Collin Box & Supply Collin Box & Supply

Our packaging tapes are used by professionals in all types of industries, from printers to car dealerships, Right tapes for you like Carton Sealing tape, Masking tape, and duct tapes, etc. Our packaging tapes are used by professionals in all types of industries, from printers to car dealerships, we have just the right tape for you. Superior Quality, without the high price! Carton Sealing Tape Filament Tape Masking Tape Duct Tapes Tape Dispensers

Collin Packing Cushioning| Wholesale Bubble Wrap Envelopes Collin Box & Supply

Need help choosing a type of cushioning to save your product? We are here to help, call us directly at 508-230-5833 and we will help you choose the right option for your needs.

Collin Labels| Coolin Box Supply Boston MA| sticker labelsCollin Box & Supply

Collin Box’s range of sticker labels is ideal for moving, storage and shipping. Protect the handling of your boxes by labeling them based on their contents.

Collin Box Supply Blogs | Packaging Boxes

Browse the Latest high-quality packaging stories and guides from Collin blogs. We will never sacrifice quality to save money! Our products get your products there in one piece.

If you’re moving items yourself, tying down your load is
especially important.  People want to
believe that heavy items can hold themselves in place while in transit. They
might stay put, but if a heavy item tips, damage can result. Worse, the item
could fall off an open truck, potentially injuring someone else. It can also
destabilize your moving truck while it is in motion.

Packaging supplies makes it easy to keep the items safe and protected.  - Fun Cram

Order packaging supplies either online or from the nearby local hardware shop. Envelopes are essential for smaller items like ap

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We all know how exhausting relocating can be, especially when it's your first time there is always one or the other thing to work on. It gets

What You Need To Know About Tape For Shipping Boxes - Turner Ingram

The wrong kind of tape can cause your move to fail, as crucial as solid boxes and packing materials are. During transit, storage, or packaging, a failure to use tape can result in a high level of frustration, costly breakage, lost time and money, compromised storage, or even physical harm to the user if a container or box is opened too soon or becomes leaky.

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Basically moving box labels stands for proper Packaging, Sealing, and labeling a moving box in such a logical sequence without allowing

Tape For Shipping/Moving Boxes Secrets Revealed. - Fun Cram

Tapping boxes is as important as labels and other stuff. To keep your stuff intact and avoid clumsiness, you need to ensure a few things before you start packaging. 

Amazing Tips and techniques to improve moving box labels like a pro - Forumk

not leave any residue when removed. Pre-printed labels are made peelable, so they are best suited for furniture. Otherwise, it would be anothe

The eight most common heavy-duty cardboard boxes errors you can easily avoid - Denali 2013

frequently cost more to send than a smaller one. There is also the potential of product damage to consider if large cardboard boxes are used.

Master The Art Of Moving Box Labels With These 5 Tips -

It doesn’t matter what you are packing as of now be it a suitcase, car, moving boxes, or anything else, filling them in an excellent

Best Tips For Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes - Guide Euro

There are times when you need strong & durable packaging boxes for shipping instead of regular ones. They are termed heavy-duty

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Moving to a new house is a challenge. The challenge starts with arranging the things and continues with the moving supplies. All the moving supplies play a vital role, but moving boxes is the existing life of moving supplies.

9 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Tape For Shipping Boxes - Down Town By Starck

Tape is one of the most basic necessities of order packing supplies. During storage, processing, or transportation, plastic shipping tape