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Updated by Titan Group DEA on Feb 25, 2022
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DEA Compliance Training

Titan Group is a DEA compliance expert management team. Their special agents and diversion investigators are experienced at conducting controlled substances audits and criminal investigations of diversion offering healthcare compliance certification. Supporting remedial solutions, translating to peace of mind help healthcare professions focus on patients.

Why do medical workers need DEA compliance training?

Controlled substance violations are a challenge that medical professionals must face. With the opioid crisis and controlling other drugs that are prone to misuse owing to their recreational appeal, the workers in the medical field are required controlled substances training and guidance.

Who requires a DEA license and why is it essential?

Having a DEA license as a veterinarian gives you the privilege to handle the controlled substance. A veterinary DEA license permits you to prescribe, store and dispense certain controlled drugs with full legal responsibility. Strict DEA regulations are meant to prevent death, misuse and abuse by controlled drugs. Read on to understand what other responsibilities are entailed with the DEA compliance and some important tips that comes with a DEA registration.

The privilege of a DEA registration – Two sides of the coin

As our investigative experts work with veterinary practices across the country, one regulatory compliance issue that we see causing confusion over and over again is both one of the most basic and yet seems to cause the most confusion – the DEA registration. Getting a registration and maintaining it can take just a few simple steps, but seems to be at the core of many veterinary practitioner’s questions and concerns.

Veterinary Collective Measures Will Empower DEA Efforts

When it comes to controlled substances, veterinary practitioners need to follow the most rigid rules. Compare the federal state regulations, pharmacy board and veterinary boards-controlled substance regulations or veterinary DEA regulation. You must follow the one that applies to your practice but meeting the stricter requirement will keep you in the safe book of the regulators.

Controlled Substance Management in Pharmacies

Record keeping of comprehensive veterinary control substances is important compliance of DEA, and they ensure that you practice this facility. The disposal of expired drugs should be equally accounted for as it is a part of controlled substance regulation.

Periodic internal training for DEA audits

Medical practitioners and those dealing with controlled substances are susceptible to victimization by patients using controlled substances for recreational purposes. Evidence of opioid crisis has resulted in a major setback for many naive medical professionals. A DEA compliance training is the best way to save yourself from any irregularity and be ready in cases of surprise audits.

Easily conquer DEA compliance with these tips from TITAN Group

If you’re like most veterinary professionals, understanding today’s complex DEA regulations is a challenge. A lot of practices are concerned they’re not keeping up with DEA rules, but they’re too busy running a practice to navigate the complex nuances of DEA compliance. Oh, and have you tried contacting the DEA with questions? Unfortunately, they aren’t always the best at giving you the information you need to be compliant with their rules and regulations.

Prescribe Controlled Substance Drugs with Responsibility and Care

Clinics focusing on pain management and opioid addiction treatment are at high risk. Medical practitioners can lose their DEA controlled substance licenses if their prescriptions are misused. They must be extra careful when it comes to drug management. Recently the DOJ Department of Justice reported that in North Carolina a man pleaded guilty for distributing medically illegitimate prescriptions for Schedule II opioids and Suboxone.

Stricter Rules Binding Prescription and Disbursing Controlled Substance Drugs

Pharmacists are aware of the controlled substance prescription and their legitimate use for certain specialized illnesses. The responsibility of prescribing drugs and dispensing drugs is shared both by the practitioner and the pharmacist. The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA controlled substance regulation and Federal Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) have guidance that expects the pharmacist to exercise professional judgement ...

Know The DEA Regulations for Better Processing

Recently the DEA Drug Enforcement Authority announced an amendment of regulation in Form 222. It removed the triplicate that was introduced in 2019 that allowed DEA registrants to order schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances. The form will be replaced in October 2021 and the DEA registrant will be required to send the existing triplicate copies to the DEA headquarters and use a new sheet of Form 222 for Registration after the amendment is in place.

Veterinary DEA Regulations

DEA registration is a privilege, not a right. Accept the responsibilities that come with controlled substances. Comply to veterinary DEA regulations to get a DEA license supported by Titan Groups. Take the right steps to be on the right side of DEA.

How to protect the diversion of controlled substances?

Most of the controlled substance diversions happen from within the folds of the strictly regulated medical facilities. The work of a medical provider enables an easy procurement of controlled substances, and if perchance they were used for a medical reason the lingering effect of the same drug can happen even after the treatment is over. Hospitals need constant monitoring to ensure that drug diversion is not taking place.

Know the new DEA registration renewal policies

A DEA registration is required for those prescribing controlled substances. A DEA registration is valid for three years and must be renewed after that period. The procedure is simple but must be performed at the right time to keep your occupation uninterrupted and keep you free from unwanted stress.

How to find yourself on the right side of DEA

If you are dealing with controlled substances, then DEA veterinary compliance is an essential protocol that needs to be followed. If you keep on the right side of the DEA rules, then the fear of being under constant scrutiny will vanish. Follow the rules and regulations about controlled substances, both enforced by your state and DEA, and you are sufficiently safe.

How to maintain controlled substance regulations?

Those attached with the medical profession and dealing with controlled chemical substances must have a DEA license. Getting a license is highly recommended as administering the drugs to patients sometimes becomes compulsory. Therefore, complying with the norms of obtaining controlled substance license registration to provide quality care becomes essential for all practitioners.

If your DEA license is rejected, what can you do?

When a DEA license gets revoked or suspended or for some reason, you have surrendered your DEA license and require another immediately as without a license you will not be able to practice. What can you do for a DEA registration renewal or even in the case of a new DEA registration, what are the procedures that you are required to fulfil?

Work better and safer with a DEA compliance consultant

When dealing with controlled substances, whether you are a researcher, a general practitioner, or a veterinarian, keeping with DEA compliance on controlled substances is essential. An understanding and vigilant care to meet the regulations stated by DEA is a must. But do you know all the regulations and how they must be followed? Connecting with a DEA compliance consultant makes your work easier.

What are you unaware of when using veterinary controlled substances?

The DEA Drug Enforcement Agency with state regulators works with precision and tenacity to ensure that all controlled substance dealers from medical practitioners to veterinarians adhere to the norms set for controlled substance management. The chief concern is to stop the abuse and maintain accountability of drugs.

What does DEA expect from electronic prescriptions?

What must you know about electronic prescriptions. Outlining the rules of submitting the electronic prescriptions from providers holding DEA controlled substance licenses, and the role of the partitioners and all authorized agents involved in communicating controlled substance prescriptions to pharmacies have been discussed in this blog.

How to stop drug diversion?

When prescriptions are obtained illegally, drug diversions are a common practice. Diversion DEA has always been a concern for the Drug Enforcement Administration, in the COVID-19 times it has been hard and stressful to monitor drug diversion for workers who keep a check on control substance misuse. But how can you create checkpoints?

How can veterinarians practice safely with controlled substance drugs?

The medical practice for a veterinarian dealing with controlled substance drugs involves a lot of compliance with DEA regulations. To ensure that your practice runs smoothly by adhering to control substance DEA and federal regulation practices, looking for help from a controlled substance drugs consultation service. They will help improve the quality of your work.

How to keep a safe DEA veterinary practice?

If you are a practicing DEA veterinary with a license, then you will be already familiar with the controlled substance veterinary DEA regulations. However, being an old practitioner, you will know the hazards and the pressure that comes with maintaining compliance in DEA controlled substance drugs. For those who are new license holders, you will realize the pressure that comes with maintaining safety and caution when handling controlled substance drugs.

What should you know when dealing with controlled substance drugs?

There may be several doubts on controlled substance regulations, license registration that practitioners and those dealing with controlled substances directly may have about the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). We will help you understand DEA controlled substance license and registration procedures better.

What should you know about DEA regulations in 2021?

The Drug Enforcement Administration holds doctors, pharmacists and hospitals under the most stringent regulations when it comes to dispensing controlled substance drugs. Any non-compliance on their part can lead to a serious consequence and loss of their DEA registration and criminal prosecution. How would the DEA regulations on controlled substances impact professionals? Will taking help from DEA compliance consultants help?

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