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Updated by Mike Doria on Jul 22, 2013
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Frankly Doria Show: Episode Highlights

A few clips from each episode that more than clearly documents my inner jackass.

Episode 2: Jewel Thief (Highlights Clips)

Show host Mike Doria must quickly switch up his game after learning that singer Jewel's "people" said she would not grant any interviews prior to her show at The Smith Center in Las Vegas. Deciding to take his iphone into Jewel's concert -- he leaves with a gem!

Frankly Doria Show Episode 3: High School Reunion (Highlights Reel)

When Ian Ziering, who played Steve Sanders on 90210, grants an interview with Mike Doria for the appropriaptely titled High School Reunion episode, you know it's going to be epic. Mike paints a picture of what it was like for him in hallways of his Alma Mater as he sets this week out to learn whether people actually change after High School.

Episode 5: If icon do it, so can you (Highlights Reel)

With welts all over his body, Mike hands out SM tips, tricks and trade secrets this week on "If icon do it, so can you." Apparently his staff thought he meant S&M. What are the best days to tweet? Best times? Words on the good list? Words on the bad list? Find out all that and more as he shares unique online empowerment methods while looking at LinkedIn, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Ryan Shewchuk from also stops by to teach us how businesses can benefit from Social Networking. Also on this inspiring podcast, when a woman gets mad at God for making it too hot outside, Mike marches up to heaven for an exclusive interview with God. Little did he know, God has been on a several month bender of biblical proportions. And finally, only in Vegas can we get the lovely Carmen Electra to chat with the show to get advice in a segment we call Who, What, When, Where, Guy!

Episode 4: Pay it Forward (Highlights Reel)

The Frankly Doria Show hosts its first Make A Dish Foundation telethon this week as the show explores charity, do gooding, philanthropy and paying it forward. Mike must take calls from celebrities offering up a dish during the telethon.

Ep. 7: The da Frankly Code (Highlights Reel)

Certain he's one of the four horsemen of the Apocolyse, Mike Doria ascends to Heaven to ask God directly in Episode 7: The da Frankly Code. The 7th podcast episode, deemed lucky in the digital world, forces Mike to explore all things seven.

Episode 6: Keep Your Composer (Highlights Reel)

I-tunes juggernaut Sean Beeson swoops in at just the right time as Mike Doria is one more encounter with with anyone resembling a human from going crazy this week. In Episode 6: Keep Your Composer, Sean introduces Mike to his latest relaxation album Songs of Serenity: Relaxation.