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Omani dishes you must try – Get your foodie mood on!

There is no better feeling when you travel to a new country, to find that the food lives up to all expectations and beyond. With a long history of cooking up good food, Oman certainly packs a punch with the dishes they have to offer from mains to desserts!
Come prepared to put on a few pounds.


The delights of Majboos

Also referred to as, Kabsa, there is something that is comforting when it comes to delivering flavour as joy. This dish is made up of rice that is a combination of red or white meat and saffron. This dish is beloved by the people and will be generally found at weddings or engagements.
With the right usage of saffron and cardamom, combined with the well-cooked meat and spice, the rice is elevated and create a unique flavour and aroma that have people so in love with this dish.
If visit some of the top restaurants in Oman or even stay somewhere like the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort there is a good chance you will be able to experience this wonderful dish outside of a special occasion.


It is time for some Shuwa

This dish is made exclusively during periods like Eid. Highly celebrated, many families will spend an entire day preparing the dish for consumption.
The process involves spending the first day of Eid marinating the chosen meat with a blend of spices and ingredients that is unique to each household. This mixture is then placed into banana leaves and then cooked in an underground sand oven before it is served.
This stunning dish is typically served with rice and tomato sauce.


You must try the Mushaltat

Another dish that can be considered a delicacy within Oman. A delicious flatbread that is stuffed with honey, meat, cheese and spinach. This makes for the most delectable bite-sized snacks that can be consumed dangerously quickly!


It is time for Shawarma

Shawarma is one of the dishes that have managed to get swept globally due to the huge amounts of globalization that took place over the past few decades. This dish is now recognized across the world and is something that is loved by those who enjoy it. A massive hunk of sliced meat is stuff between soft bread and covered with sauces to make for a stunning meat delivery mechanism.


Time for some sweet Halwa

This dish is one of the many varieties of dessert that are available in Omani cuisine. The Halwa is essentially a jelly-like concoction that contains sugar, honey, spices and eggs. Beloved by the Omani people, this dish is packed with flavour and is well worth the long time it takes to prepare.
The best part is that once the halwa is prepared, it can easily last over 4 months while maintaining the flavour of the dish. Something interesting to note is that Halwa is typically paired with Kahwa which are both used as a sign of hospitality.