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5 Best Foods of Phuket – The Taste of Paradise

Phuket is an island that's rich in beauty and full of excitement – there are all kinds of attractions to see and experience here! Along the way, you're sure to work up quite the appetite – so, here's a look at some of the best foods you can try in Phuket.


Mee Noodles

Mee noodles are an absolute staple here in Phuket – you'll find them everywhere, from restaurants to streetside carts. A typical bowl of mee noodles includes some thick stir-fried noodles that have been doused in an array of sauces. Various meats are added on top alongside a selection of seafood that ranges from fish to shrimp. Additional ingredients like bean sprouts, onions and chilli are also sprinkled in at the end to give the dish an extra bit of flavour. All in all, this combination of ingredients produces one of the tastiest and easy to enjoy dishes in all of Phuket.


Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong is a Thai delicacy and without a doubt, one of the best dishes you can enjoy during your time here in Phuket. Various versions of this dish are served across the country, and the one available in Phuket is among the best. Tom Yum Goong is a spicy and sour seafood soup that has quite a lot of heart to it. The broth itself is a mix of coconut milk, chilli, mushrooms and a variety of different herbs. Of course, the stars of this dish are the perfectly cooked prawns and shrimp – they make for delectable mouthfuls of flavour. You won't have much trouble finding Phuket restaurants that serve this dish either – for instance, there's the Age Restaurant is one that should be visited at least once during your trip.


Massaman Curry

There are all kinds of delicious curries that you can enjoy here in Phuket. However, if you only have the chance to try one out, make sure it's the massaman curry. This is readily available all across the island and can be enjoyed with a number of staples like rice or noodles. the curry itself is sweet and sour as it's made up mainly of coconut milk and lime. Aside from these, ingredients like tomatoes and crushed peanut are also used to give it some body and extra flavour.


Dim Sum

It's virtually impossible to visit any Thai city and not end up tasting some dim sum – and that's very much the case with Phuket. Dim sums are essentially dumplings that are filled up with all kinds of tasty goodness – from all sorts of meats to crunchy vegetables. What makes these snacks so exciting to taste is the sheer variety of fillings available – so, be sure to try out as many as you can!


Green Curry Chicken

This is another one of the great curries that Phuket has to offer. As the name suggests, chicken is at the heart of this dish. It is cooked along with some eggplants and cut up before being served. The eggplants help counteract the oily juices that are often used in the preparation of the chicken.