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Best Internet Protection: Personal Online Security and Resources

How to Keep your Online Personal Information Safe. Online security is something most of us use on a daily basis. Online safety represents the process of staying safe on the Internet. Making sure online security threats don’t endanger your personal information

Selecting an Audience for Stuff You Share. The audience selector can be found in most places where you share content on Facebook, such as posts, photos and for some information on your profile.

How to Keep your Online Personal Information Safe

Online Privacy and Security. How to Keep your Online Personal Information Safe. Internet Privacy, Consumer Data Privacy. Protecting your Privacy is important. There are a number of ways your information can be hacked or stolen. A few simple precautions to maintain your privacy.

How do I make my Social Media Profiles as Private as Possible?

Maintaining social media accounts while staying as Private as possible is not as hard as you might think. We know that we need to watch what we share on the Social Media sites. But do we know how to control over what is actually shown to the public? Below are some tips you can use to improve your privacy on 8 of the most popular social networks

Social Profiling: A Review, Taxonomy, and Challenges - PubMed

Social media has taken an important place in the routine life of people. Every single second, users from all over the world are sharing interests, emotions, and other useful information that leads to the generation of huge volumes of user-generated data. Profiling users by extracting attribute infor …

These Are The Best Free Open Data Sources Anyone Can Use

by Hiren Patel What is Open Data?In simple terms, Open Data means the kind of data which is open for anyone and everyone for access, modification, reuse, and sharing. Open Data derives its base from various “open movements” such as open source, open hardware, open government, open science etc.

Safety and Security While Traveling

Public WI-fI may seem harmless. Unfortunately, it is not. What to Look for in a VPN and 4 Tips to use to Help with your Security when you are Traveling. But just as it is convenient for you, it is just as convenient for cyber-criminals. If you use an unsecured public WI-FI, cyber-criminals can monitor every move you make

Brute Force Attacks: Password Protection | Kaspersky

What's a Brute Force Attack? A brute force attack uses trial-and-error to guess login info, encryption keys, or find a hidden web page. Hackers work through all possible combinations hoping to guess correctly.

What is 256-Bit Encryption? - Definition from Techopedia

256-bit encryption is refers to the length of the encryption key used to encrypt a data stream or file. A hacker or cracker will require 2/256 different combinations to break a 256-bit encrypted message, which is virtually impossible to be broken by even the fastest computers

Turn on automatic app updates

Learn how to turn on automatic app updates and how to manually check for updates in Microsoft Store.

Keeping Our Children Safe When Online

How to protect your kids online privacy? This can be a difficult issue to tackle with children but there are practical tips and tools that can help you with their online safety. Keeping children away from the dangers of the Internet may seem like fighting a losing battle. But sticking with a few basic guidelines and teaching your kids about safe surfing will help tremendously

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online With Parental Controls

Parental controls allow parents to set controls on their children's internet use to make the web safer for them. You can restrict what is downloaded and filter, monitor and block access to maintain privacy and keep your child safe.

Internet Safety | Online Safety for Youth

Provides access to federal and federally-funded online resources and learn ways to protect children while they are online. Office of Justice Programs

It’s nearly impossible to keep kids o the internet these days. From homework
assignments to FaceTIme with Grandma, the internet is a fact of life.

Internet Safety for Kids: How to Protect Your Child From Online Danger

With screen time at home on the rise, parents are concerned about internet safety for kids. Consumer Reports explains how to lay down rules for your children.

The WIRED Guide to Your Personal Data (and Who Is Using It)

Information about you, what you buy, where you go, even where you look is the oil that fuels the digital economy. ON THE INTERNET, the personal data users give away for free is transformed into a precious commodity


Unfortunately, on many websites, including popular ones like Facebook, deleting your account can be a real pain. AccountKiller collects direct links and deleting instructions to make account termination easy

How Can I Secure My Internet Connection?

If you’re concerned about the security of your home Wi-Fi network—and all the personal data on it—then you need to make sure access to your wireless network is locked down. Network security can feel intimidating if you’re not a technophile, but it’s easier to secure your internet connection than you might think.

Secure Mobile Transactions

Mobile devices and Smartphones has only been around for a couple of years now
They having grown to be very popular and there are more now than we have ever seen before. How can you be sure you are Secure when making purchases on your mobile devices? Mobile Devices can often be less secure than computers within your own home network

How To Safely Use Public Wi-Fi Networks | FTC Consumer Information

Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities, and other public places are convenient, but often they’re not secure. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network and send information through websites or mobile apps, someone else might be able to see it.

App security best practices  |  Android Developers

When you safeguard the data that you exchange between your app and other
apps, or between your app and a website, you improve your app's stability and
protect the data that you send and receive.

Use the built-in security and privacy protections of iPhone - Apple Support

To take maximum advantage of the security and privacy features built into iPhone, follow these best practices.

How do I Create a Strong Password?

What makes a Strong Password? Should consist of at least eight characters. Should contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, spaces, and special characters. Keep the password safe. Never share your password. Do not write down your password. Use passwords of at least eight characters or longer. Use a combination of upper, lower, numbers and special characters. Avoid using people or pet’s names

Create a strong password & a more secure account

Google Account Help. A secure password and updated recovery info help protect your Google Account.
Follow tips for a good password. A strong password can be memorable to you but nearly impossible for someone else to guess. Learn what makes a good password, then follow these tips to create your own.

Top 550+ Funny Passwords Ever Encountered

Looking for the ultimate list of funny passwords? This is it, come and share a laugh but never actually use them! Passwords are something we all struggle with, since we need so many of them and, for security reasons, they need to be different

How To Block Robotexts and Unwanted Text Messages

Block or Stop Spam Text Message. More than just being annoying. Unwanted Spam text can cost you money. Blocking spam on Iphone, Android, Gmail, cPanel. Just as with spam phone calls, you can block and stop robotexts with the right tricks and tools