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10 things to consider when selecting an Ayurveda vacation- Select the ideal destination for you!

A wellness trip or an Ayurvedic holiday might be just the thing you need to rejuvenate the mind and body. Keep these things in mind when making plans for your trip.


What other experiences do you expect?

mountains and some trekking? A place to focus on nature, with beaches? Is spirituality, arts and culture important as well? Decide what your vacation should be like. As you will surely like to do more things following your Ayurvedic retreats.


Intentions for your trip

Deciding to go on a well-ness focused trip is a great time to ask oneself what intentions you hope to get out of it. Is it to get your health back on track? to sort out an ailment? or just to try something new? This way you will truly focus on what is important to you and plan accordingly.



Do you plan to stay at an Ayurvedic centred resort or hotel? Or, fancy a more intimate boutique hotel, home-stay or an Air BnB where you can easily access your treatments. For example, you can find many Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka. They will offer accommodation and sometimes it can be mandatory. It will of course depend on the extent of the treatments. So, take into account your needs before deciding on accommodation.


Decide on the programme

Decide whether flexibility is important in terms of schedules and plans? The programme should complement your holiday, so get the facts straight from them before making any bookings.


Best time to visit

In some locations, there will be off-peak and high seasons. Sometimes off-seasons will be less expensive and crowded. However, the best practitioners might not be available either.


The extent of travel

Some countries will of course be better than others, Ayurveda is not a mainstream healing technique. Therefore, some destinations offer better training and include their traditional methods. South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan are considered some of the best if you can go the miles.


Check reviews

Before making any plans for bookings do all the necessary homework. Check reviews, consult them beforehand, see what the schedule will look like. Make sure you tell them what is required from them. Any special ailments that need treatments? Such important questions need to be conveyed.


What would an evening be like?

Are you allowed to venture outside or is there a strict resident policy? the latter is quite unlikely but even if they do, see what they offer in terms of entertainment, meals etc.


Who is travelling?

If it's a solo trip you can decide at leisure. However, if several others are travelling with you, their preferences need to be checked as well. If kids are involved ask about the activities that will include them.



This is the big question. There will be all-inclusive packages to be found in many hotels such as Heritance Ayurveda. If travelling solo and you want to treat yourself just go for it. If not ask about deals and discounts. They are bound to be on offer during low season times.

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