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Online Astrology Services

Starsgyan is an online astrology prediction platform, which provides a team of highly experienced and expert astrologers ( jyotishi) who are offering the most accurate solutions to your various problems, by Astrology predictions, Vastu, Numerology, Tarot card reading and other ancient occult sciences.

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Get Astrological Guidance for Love, Relationship, Career, Marriage, Business, foreign travel & other Family problems

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Zodiac Sign Dates | Sun Sign by months|

Know your zodiac sign online predictions by dates, months and names also check your zodiac sign compatibility with starsgyan astrologers.

Horoscopes matching Online Prediction |Horoscopes matching Online

Starsgyan astrologers provide horoscopes matching predictions based on zodiac signs and give our expert opinion about marriage compatibility of couples.

Palmistry reading Online | Online Palmistry reader |Palm Reading

Starsgyan palmistry readers provide you best prediction for your future through palm reading. Understand more about yourself by online palm reading and prepare yourself for good fortune.

Astrology signs and planets prediction | Online Astrology prediction

Starsgyan provide online astrology predictions based upon study of movements and aspects of the nine planet and twelve signs in the sky.

Numerology predictions online | Numerology reading online

A Numerologist gives you best prediction how the numbers can affects your life? Numerologist can tell you your lucky day, lucky name, lucky color, lucky year and many other things.

Online Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Reading Consultation Online

Starsgyan tarot readers gives most accurate tarot predictions and also give answers to your questions about your professional growth, health, love and relationships and many others things.

Moon in Astrology

Starsgyan Astrologers write own blogs time to time for our readers on Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Horoscope reading and matching, Tarot and other related services of occult science.

Tarot is an divination tool,which provide us guidance for the queries we ask with them... So putting the questions in proper format is most important part.. Actually questions directly strike with the insight of tarot card readers ,which reflects in cards,when he pulls the cards..

Importance of vastu for puja ghar

Today, we'll go over the importance of Vastu in the Puja Room, as well as which zone is optimal for its location. So, let's get started.

Vastu tips for positivity and prosperity

In the year 2021, there are 10 Vastu suggestions to promote health and riches.

Vastu is a science that adds value to one's life while also bringing serenity and wealth. Every Vastu suggestion is backed up with scientific evidence, making it more feasible to follow.

Seven vastu tips for offices

According to Vastu Shastra, entrepreneurs should sit in their offices facing north, east, or northeast since it is considered auspicious. Because the sun rises in the east, it is favorable for financial growth.

Shravana Month

Shravan Month, also known as Sawan Mahina, is one of the holiest Hindu months in North India and is devoted to Lord Shiva

Nag Panchami: auspicious day to get rid of Rahu dosha

Nag Panchami is one of the most significant hindu festival with various spiritual, cultural and astrological significance. As we know that whole shravan month is dedicated to Lord shiva (Mahakaal) and specifically Lord Shiva with Nagaraja (king of snakes) around his neck is worshiped on Nag Panchami tithi to get rid of bad impact of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope (kundli).

Lucky house number according to Numerology

A house is a location where you may feel completely at ease and unwind after a long day. And keeping your house tidy promotes optimism in your home and life. Peace and wealth are also welcomed in a tidy home.

Medical Astrology & Congenital Diseases in Children

Medical astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the impact of planets like; sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn, rahu and ketu along with twenty seven nakshatra, twelve zodiac sign and bhav of kundali, on human body. Birth horoscope of a person gives abundant information about various events of life including location, types and onset of disease.

Curses in Horoscope

Astrology has explained it in detail under a section about past life curses in the horoscope. There are many types of planetary combinations which indicate various categories of curses and their impact on life.

Wealth in horoscope: Dhan Yoga

Money is not everything but an important thing in life, it is a famous saying which explains the importance of money in our life.

September Horoscope Prediction for all Zodiac signs

At the beginning of September 2021, the moon will pass through your house of courage and this gives you a lot of energy to start new things and express yourself creatively.

How Astrology Helps in Career

After a sparkling student life, a person starts his professional life for a better future and financial independence. Nowadays professional life is a common source of adrenaline rush because of a hypercompetitive work environment

Transit (Gochar) Effect Jupiter in Capricorn & Sun in Virgo

The biggest planet of the solar system; Jupiter, is currently in retrograde movement and will enter Capricorn zodiac sign on 14 September and stay there till 20 November.

Pitru Paksha & Pitra Dosha Relevance & Remedies

Pitru paksha is a meaningful occasion of remembering our ancestors and performing Shraddha puja to get the blessing of departed souls(Pitri). According to Garuda Purana, after death