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12 Ways to Optimize Your Time Like a Pro

Every entrepreneur I know is obsessed with productivity, but achieving the highest output for every hour you spend working on your startup requires a methodical optimization strategy that needs to be applied to all aspects of your life, from technology to physical to mental health.

Meet Some of the SaaSiest Women Founders in NYC

When a certain New York venture capitalist recently tweeted: 'Serious question - SaaS female founders in NYC. Do they exist?' - it touched off a mini-tweetstorm. We all know that companies founded by men are not only funded much more frequently than those founded by women, but the amounts that they raise are often larger.

The latest: 5 Minutes's Amy Vernon - Cynopsis Media

5 MINUTES WITH...'s Amy Vernon As we head into the final stretch before the Cynopsis Digital Business Summit in New York City on Thursday, April 23, we spoke with panelist and Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Amy Vernon about social TV, Twitter and social media strategy in general.

Public Relations vs Guest Blogging: What's Best for Startup Marketing?

I've been on both sides of this double edged sword - trying to get press, and trying to get guest blog posts published. Press sounds so promising. And prestigious. But it can also be expensive and time consuming. Guest blogging on the other hand requires creating the content and some know how. The reality is, it really depends on what business you are in.

Why I Social - Episode 14 (featuring Amy Vernon)

Amy Vernon spent over 20 years of her career in the journalism field before (as her LinkedIn profile describes so well) the Great Newspaper Culling of 2008. She seamlessly integrated herself into the digital age and has been a leader in the social media industry since.

HBO Exclusive With Apple Showcases Tech-Media Era

In the streaming-media revolution, traditional media and tech industries are blurring at a breathtaking pace. In a ferocious battle for eyeballs, tech and media entities alike are scrambling to come up with daring ways to reach consumers. No longer do "tech companies" simply produce software and computers.

The Future of Content Part 4: The Return to Pure Blogging

In part four of Danny Brown's Future of Content series, Amy Vernon, David Kutcher, and Tonia Ries share their thoughts on the topic of pure blogging.

How to Enhance Your Personal Brand on Twitter

While LinkedIn is certainly a great platform for updating your résumé and interacting with colleagues, the richest and most in-depth discussions in your field are likely occurring on Twitter. 

Post, Tweet & Work!

How can I post, tweet and actually do work? Especially when I am starting up, or running, a business? Can't someone else do this for me? How do I even choose a firm to do my social media?Let's get practical on how to post, tweet and work...with advice from me along with some of the best advisors in my network. Here are the key points on how to have a social media presence and a life in addition to working.In one word - Focus! And then, a few details on how to move towards the focus -Alignment - "Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey
Brand/Marketing Plan - "What is your b

Curators We Love: Amy Vernon

“I do stuff on the internet” is one of the ways Amy Vernon describes her work.
She does a lot of stuff.
A former Miami Herald reporter who later worked as an editor at several newspapers before moving...

Social Media Mgmt Expert Insights

G2 Crowd asks what trends we've been seeing in the social media management space.

Food for Growth | Geckoboard

Geckoboard and Mention bring you the scrumptious marketing secrets behind some of the most interesting brands on the web.

Best Social Media Management Tools: Spring 2015 report

A new report from G2Crowd looks at the top social media management tools, including insights from industry experts.

Announcing the 7th Annual Shorty Awards finalists!

The 2015 Shorty Awards finalists. I'm on the list under "Business Blogger". Perhaps the first and last time I'll ever be on a list with Chris Pratt

The State of Social Media 2015

If you need further evidence of social media's omnipresent influence nowadays, take a gander at We Are Social's 'Digital Statshot 002' report, which reveals that there are currently about 2 billion active social media accounts worldwide-equating to a whopping penetration of 28% of the planet's population, with about roughly 1.6 billion of these accounts active via mobile.

Women in Tech: Meet Amy Vernon
I'm excited to finally have received Amy Vernon's answers... I'll admit it was like pulling teeth, the ongoing joke became known as the "inquisition " granted we took it beyond that when discussed on Twitter. That's the beauty of working with like minded people.
The Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian: Episode #10: Amy Vernon on Luck, Predictive Analytics, Journalism and Bacon
In this episode of the Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian, guest Amy Vernon talks about her transition from journalist to social media star and more. You'll learn what you need to pay attention to with analytics and big data while you grow your brand.
In Conversation With: Amy Vernon
I'm trying to remember when I first met Amy Vernon. It was probably online, since Amy does a lot of stuff on the internet. By "stuff" I'm referring to her incredible web knowledge and savviness: Amy writes, edits, consults on social and digital stuff and does hardcore beta-testing.
What it Means to be a Feminist Today
Some people have the misperception that you have to hate men in order to be a feminist. The truth couldn't be farther from the reality.
100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter in 2015
Kick off your 2015 by learning from the experts of content marketing.
30 Fluff-Free Digital Experts to Follow in 2015

Let's face it: you've got a plentitude of people to follow on Twitter for the latest SEO, digital marketing, and social media news and insights. That being said, there are plenty of folks out there who are "fluffy"--their feeds are full of the types of articles you would expect to see in 2012.

150 Great Marketers to Follow in '15

Want to know what I love most about Twitter? The people. Reading tweets from my favorite thought leaders gives me such inspiration. That's why I'm thrilled to announce the top 150 thought leaders to follow on Twitter in 2015.

In 2015, personalization will be the focus of the web

Personalization is the top trend for 2015. Its involves giving everyone a more personalized experience on the web. And, as algorithms of social media get more complex, they can predict the content of interest to you and then give it to you.

On Facebook, your newsfeed is customized to you and doesn't look like everyone else's. It is based on your friends and likes. If you're signed into Google when you do search, your search results may well be slightly different than someone else's. When you sign into Reddit, you are seeing content on the front page, which is from the subreddits you subscribe.

Can Tantalizing Twitter Rock Wall Street?

Twitter is one of the most tantalizing technology stocks around. Although it can still be regarded as a young company, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) has established itself as a societal force. The eight-year-old San Francisco-based social media dynamo boasts 284 million users and a growing reputation from Tucson to Tokyo as a reliable source of information.