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Blog Posts Reflecting on WDS 2013

Blog posts from attendees of WDS2013

Thank you, Mercury Retrograde - Day 2 #WDS2013

I now accept the unexpected during Mercury Retrograde, which has given me the ability to ride its currents into magical new places. I'll give you an example. (It's a long story, so stick with me.)

Casting Out Fear (WDS 2013 Retrospective)

All over my Facebook timeline and my Twitter feed, there are dozens of people - new friends, old friends - posting about their experiences at the World Domination Summit. Sharing their "top things learned", their weekend recaps, their favorite speakers. One thing that not a lot of people are talking about, though, is the "now that it's over."

When Absolutely Freakin' Amazing Becomes Normal

When you return home from an event like the World Domination Summit, you feel full. Full of ideas. Full of inspiration. Full of optimism. And full of bits and pieces you want to digest and cobble together and most importantly, act on while they all still make sense inside your cluttered head.

Everybody Else Is Already Taken

I've just returned from my first World Domination Summit. This was my first time at WDS, and also first time in Oregon. As I heard from many people, Portland is a beautiful city. Although I spent most of my time at the conference, I very much enjoyed my strolls downtown.

Everybody Else Is Already Taken

I've just returned from my first World Domination Summit. This was my first time at WDS, and also first time in Oregon. As I heard from many people, Portland is a beautiful city. Although I spent most of my time at the conference, I very much enjoyed my strolls downtown.

Pursue Your Dreams: Day 1 of the World Domination Summit

The World Domination Summit, founded by Chris Guillebeau in 2011, is not your typical conference. It is a gathering of almost 3,000 people from all over the world. We are solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, micro-business owners and dreamers, bloggers and travel hackers. We are a diverse group, ranging in age from 17 to 84 and coming from over 30 countries. We are world-changing idealists who get shit done.

End of the World Domination Summit - Day 3 #WDS2013

An Exceptional Experience. (You can read about Day One and Day Two of my time at the World Domination Summit if you need to catch up.) The volunteers, in particular, really rocked it. In addition to high-fiving everyone as they entered the Schnitzer concert hall, and maintaining the atmosphere of fun and frolic, they were masterful in their organization and efficiency.

Perfect day in Portland - Day 1 #WDS2013

This was easily one of the best days of my life. The day started with a 45 minute bike ride into downtown Portland, along the Willamette bluff, watching the city rise and wake.

#1 on the Bucket List: Give a speech to more than 500 people. - SailingBo

Can I tell you something I'm a little ashamed to admit? About a month ago I decided I probably wasn't going to go to the World Domination Summit. Yes, I'd already gotten my non-refundable ticket. Yes, I'd booked a hotel. Yes, I really did want to go.


Many people ask me what the World Domination Summit is, and why everyone is so excited. I had some great conversations last night with some fellow attendees about why #WDS2013 has had such a massive impact on everyone. Here's the summary of that conversation.

World Domination attendees close out summit Gangnam style (Video)

They came, they dominated, they danced. More than 2,800 people from around the world attended the 2013 World Domination Summit in Portland July 5 - 7. Billed as a weekend of adventure, the summit brings together people to attend events and workshops - hosted by a diverse roster of dozens of speakers from Bob of Bob's Red Mill to storyteller Don Miller to NPR journalist Tess Vigeland.

Le Blog de Meaux

It has been less than two days since this year's One of the session presenters, World Domination Summit concluded. My mind is still in awe of absorbing new ideas and inspirations, digesting attendee stories and presentations, embracing uncertainties, and identifying personal lessons learned.

World Domination Summit 2013

WDS2013: When people would ask me what WDS was about, I really couldn't tell them. I didn't exactly know why I was going. I saw this video from WDS2012. I read the $100 Startup. I love entrepreneurship, adventure, travel, community-all the buzzwords I read on the site.

Moments of World Domination (Or what I learned from #WDS2013)

Sometimes you know you're having a life changing experience as it occurs in real time This past week was one of those experiences for me. Nicole (my girlfriend) and I landed in Portland, OR on July 2nd for the 3rd annual World Domination Summit, hosted by Chris Guillebeau and his inspiring team.

How Do You Change the World? Hang Out With 3,000 WDS'ers!

Photos courtesy of Chris Guillebeau Want to know what it's like when 3,000 "unconventional" "non-conformists" converge on a city for a weekend?

The World Domination Summit 2013: My Pics and Highlights

Kelly went to WDS2013 and had a great time. Join me next year!

Setting a World Record With 600+ World Changers!

This past weekend, while attending the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon, my girlfriend and I had an opportunity to make history! We were going to be taking part in what was billed as the " World Float". This event was going to be an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the longest "human float".

Reflection with Gretchen Rubin

I had the fortune to hear Gretchen speak over the weekend at the World Domination Summit here in Portland. As author of the bestselling book The Happiness Project, Gretchen is often asked what the "one secret to happiness" is. While she does not promote the concept of happiness having a single source, knowing oneself and living authentically rank highly.

4th of July, a different side of me, and a world domination summit in Portland

Exploding fireworks and the sounds of happiness filled the skies on this cool summer evening in Portland. People were scattered all over the city enjoying the festive atmosphere on 4th of July. I walked along the waterfront on the banks of the Willamette River. Crowds of people lined the sidewalks and sat on the grass.

Who's on Your Team?

It can feel awfully lonely when you're rejecting the status quo and forging your own way. When everyone around you is saying you're crazy, that you should tone down your big dreams and go back to to work, you might start to believe them.

5 Little Videos from World Domination Summit Bollywood Dance Party 2013

1 Instagram Video and 4 Vines from the World Domination Summit Bollywood Dance Party 2013

IRL @ WDS2013 - AKA Connecting in real life with friends new and old

Last week, I attended a little shindig called the World Domination Summit (WDS). Held in Portland for the last three years, it has quickly grown to 3000 attendees who care about community, adventure, and service...not quite what you'd expect from the name of the summit, eh? For me, it was definitely about community.

The (Re)Birth of Dreams, or What I Learned at The World Domination Summit 2013 | When I Grow Up - Creative Career Coach

It started in my throat, closing up and not letting in as much air as I'm used to. It traveled to my eyes, stinging them as they watered up. I tried to breathe deep to compensate, to pre-emptively stop the hysterics. It didn't feel like a light cry.