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Conference Networking

networking for introverted science writers

1) Wear/Bring a conversation Starter - be nerdy. 2) Bring a friend, 3) meet 1 new person, 4) even if you feel like a wall flower, you never know

The 7 Best Tips for Networking at Conferences

Business Cards, Review Program to see Who you want to meet, Talk to people in elevator about conference, sit with people you don't know, try not to use your phone during breaks

Get the Most from a Conference: 10 Networking Tips

Networking is key to making the connections and forming the relationships that can help advance and enrich your life professionally and personally. The2013 NAPW National Networking Conference -just days away-is the ideal setting for NAPW members to tap into their exclusive network of professional women and network on a face-to-face level.

How to Network at a Conference

Really interesting. Focus is on networking and talking to presenters you are interested in getting in contact with Career - How to Network at a Business Conference

people are as nervous as you, imagine yourself the way you want to be perceived...your image of yourself is what is projected to others, you never know who or what connection will be valuable.

How to Network at Conferences

Look over program, join twitter, facebook or linked in status update letting people know you're going, talk to everyone!

How To Network At A Conference

So remember the big 3 things you need to have. Know who you want to approach, know enough about them to create some conversation and ask questions and finally – have a business card that’s clean with a link to whatever you do. That’s it!

6 Secrets to Better Networking at Conferences

This has it all, including social media as an option

Top tips for networking at conferences

Preconference prep, business cards, sit next to people you don't know and more...

Don't Be Nervous - We All Want to Meet You: Networking at Conferences

Conferencing is fun, educational and nerve-wracking! You're in this big sea of people, in an unfamiliar place. You have to get your badge, bag, program and figure out where Salon A is or if it's different from Salon with two A's.

Pre-preparing networking at conferences

Prep before you try networking at conferences - what you do in advance is important.