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INVIYA® - Indorama Industries Limited

Indorama Industries Limited with brand name INVIYA® is the only manufacturer of bare spandex yarn in India, which is used to manufacture top quality Air Covered Yarn, Core Spun yarn and stretch Circular knits fabric worldwide and is widely acknowledged for its high strength, affordability, stretch, high draft range and recovery.

Properties of Elastane Fabric and How & Where its Made?

Elastane can also be known as Lycra and Spandex. Elastane, a lightweight synthetic fibre, is used for making stretchable clothing like sportswear. It is composed of polyurethane, a long-chain polymer.

6 Facts you Should Know About Air Covered Yarn : Kuntal.Org

ACY stands for Air Covered Yarn. It's made of spandex and DTY. Air covering is the use of multiple yarns in combination to create unique yarns with different characteristics. The elastic fabric is used while the non-elastic fabric is used.

What is the Signification of the Spandex Fiber?

Spandex, a stretchable fiber that increases the elasticity of garments, is a great fabric. Spandex Fibre, a soft and flexible synthetic fiber with a unique elasticity, is lightweight. It is also known in India as elastane and other parts of the globe.

What is Denim? There are 13 Types of Denim Fabric

Denim fabric is made with a twill fabric weave. Denim has a unique characteristic there is a diagonal pattern visible on the fabric's face that makes it stand out from other cotton fabrics.

What are the Best Fabrics to Wear at the Gym?

Be careful with the fabric you choose. Plain polyester spandex fabric is better for the gym than others, so it is worth adding them to your gym-ready outfit.

Why You Should Choose Fabric Cotton?

Cotton fabric can be used at any time. Cotton fabric can be used in any part of clothing, regardless of whether it is for work or sport. One of the most important goods of cotton knit fabric is that it is breathable. Cotton sheets are the most popular type of linens material.

Everything You Need to Know About Swimsuit Fabric

Elastane, a manufactured fiber that has elastic qualities, changed fashion when it was first developed in the 1960s. Elastane can be used to refer to Lycra and Spandex. Lycra, Spandex, and elastane all refer to the same thing so don't get too attached to the branding.

The History of Textile Fabric

Textile fiber products include yarn, thread, and elastic silk. These materials are processed, woven, or knitted to create textiles. They can be used to create manufactured goods such as clothing, accessories, and gloves. Textiles can be used for any purpose, so they go beyond fashion.

What is the Best Use for Polyester Spandex Fabrics?

Polyester Spandex fabric offers a comfortable wear and gives enough stretch for freedom of movement for performance applications or casual lifestyle ease. This fabric is most often used in making yoga and workout compression tops, swimwear, apparel, casual lifestyle wear and uniforms.

Types Of Fabrics For The Summer Season

Cotton, Linen, Rayon, silk there are dozens of summer-friendly materials you can choose for your wardrobe. We don't always realize it until much later, but when we are trying to create a wardrobe that is sun-ready, the base material of each spandex fibre outfit was not taken into account.

The Ultimate Guide on Knit Fabric

Knit fabric is made by one constant thread, much like the continuous yarn in hand knitting. Knitted textiles are created by a single thread or yarn, assisted by needles, to create interlocking loops, instead of the multiple warp yarns used in woven fabrics.

Need to Know About Air Cover Yarn Machine

You will discover that different yarns require different production requirements when you get into the production of yarn. Air covered yarn is used to force the machine through an interlacing jet, which creates interlacing zones.

Different Between Knit Fabric and Stretch Fabric

A knit fabric is made up of a single yarn, looped continuously to produce a braided look. Multiple yarns comprise a Stretch fabric, crossing each other at right angles to form the grain. Stretching is one of the tests to know whether a fabric is knit or woven.

Five Reasons Why Denim Jeans are so Popular

Due to their altogether energy and durability, many working-class men and women took notice of these pants, getting and joining them to their own clothes. This spurred the first real fashion trend of stretch denim jeans.

Activewear You Need for Summer Workouts

They are available in a myriad of colors, styles, and prints, which means you can make an array of outfits to suit all kinds of workouts. Here are a few women's spandex fabric summer dress ideas to get going.

Denim Fabrics - Interesting and Important Information

The Denim fabric is warp-facing, which means that the weft yarns carry the warp yarns while the reverse side contains more warp threads. It is commonly used to make skinny jeans.

Hosiery Yarns: Types, Properties and Uses

These hosiery yarn are made of top-quality fiber, and as such can be used extensively for knitting and weaving fabric for hosiery. They are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and thicknesses, they can be customized according to the needs of customers.

The Processes Used in the Making of Core Spun Yarns

The most common way of producing Core Spun Yarn is by integrating the filament package on the ring frame. A spool of filament unwinds to feed filament into the nip of the front drafting rollers. This approach is used to produce cotton and polyester sewing threads.

What is Elastane Fabric? How Is It Used in Jackets?

Elastane is an artificially manufactured chemical fabric. Its chemical name is polyether polyurea. From the common name elastane, you can choose its unique features. Elastane fabric is a special kind of fabric.

What is a Good Fabric to Wear in the Summer Season?

Cotton is the most proper material in the summertime. It is found in the market in the design of cotton stretch yarn. It provides all the requirements to be the classic summertime fabric. We will handle those conditions below.

Is There Any Difference Between Denim and Jeans?

There are many variations between denim and jeans. The tailors make jeans by using varieties of fabrics. Denim fabric is one of them. So, you can see the difference between denim fibers and jeans. Let's check the difference between denim and jeans.

What is Spandex, and how does it Work?

Spandex Yarn is a lightweight, synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing such as sportswear. It is made up of a long chain polymer called polyurethane, which is produced by reacting a polyester with a diisocyanate.

How do Polyester and Spandex Differ?

Spandex is a feathery, fragile, smooth-produced fiber with uncommon adaptability. Spandex is made of polyurethane which has an exceptional capability to extend. For example, one can consider polyester spandex pants of how stretchable they are.

Core Spun Yarn Suppliers & Manufacturers in India

Core spun yarn is when we wrap the fibre around a core strand. The quality and performance of the added spandex play a major role in making and using the core spun yarn.

Different Types of Fabrics in Spandex

spandex is used to commonly refer to polyether-polyurea copolymer nylon made with a variety of manufacturing processes. The terms spandex and elastane are synonymous.