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Insurance Articles

Here is the list of the latest insurance articles from Jack Stone Insurance to clear your doubts on various insurance products.

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A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. These projects can be fun and less expensive than hiring a professional. Still, the slightest errors can cost you a lot of money in repairs or replacement. They might even result in an increased home insurance premium.

Here’s a look at the most common DIY mistakes that can affect your homeowners insurance.

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An umbrella insurance policy provides additional protection beyond the coverage limits of your existing policies. The policy also provides for claims that may not be included in your liability policies. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for injuries, property damage, certain lawsuits, and personal liability situations.

Here are some instances when having umbrella insurance will save you from significant financial losses.

What You Need to Know about Car Insurance Checks - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

There are so many questions involved in choosing an insurance policy for your automobile. It is essential to properly understand the terms, conditions, and policies of your automobile insurance. To help you understand what car insurance checks are all about, the following are the answers to some of the most common questions asked car insurance checks

Exploring the Significance of Loss of Use Coverage - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

As a property owner, you want to protect your investment. Unfortunately, if you are unprepared for an unfortunate disaster, you could struggle to figure out your next move. Loss of use coverage protects you in such situations.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Endorsements and Riders - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Riders and endorsements are additional forms of coverage you can purchase to supplement an insurance policy and fill in any gaps in your coverage. These additions can be purchased when you first buy your policy or added when you renew. In some situations, you may be able to buy them at any time, depending on the type of policy. Understanding where additional coverage may be needed is important. Learn as much as you can by talking to your insurance agent and finding out what gaps you may need to fill.

A Quick Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in California - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

With over 800,000 motorcycles registered in California, according to DMV data, the Golden State is home to most motorcyclists in America. If you decide to join this list, you will need the right amount of motorcycle insurance. Here is what you need to know about motorcycle insurance in 2021 and compliance within the state of California.

How Should You Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Choosing the beneficiary for your life insurance might not be as simple as you think. It’s is not easy to transfer bank accounts to change or update your beneficiary. As a result, you must learn how your life insurance provider handles beneficiaries.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best beneficiary for your life insurance policy:

How To Proceed If Someone Is Driving Your Car and Causes An Accident - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Occasionally, you may be tempted to let a loved one drive your car. Perhaps you have purchased a new car and would like your friend to celebrate the experience with you. Unfortunately, disaster strikes. Your loved one is involved in an accident while driving your car. Perhaps you are unaware of how this impacts your car insurance policy. Here’s a guide to explain how your car insurance may be impacted by someone else being involved in an accident while driving your car.

Negotiating a Change in Your Home Insurance Value - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

The money you paid for your home is an investment. The homeowners insurance coverage you purchase is the protection for that investment. The amount of protection you purchase will be different than what you may have paid for your home when you bought. The value of your home will change throughout the years. Inflation, upgrades, and improvements will all play a role in how the value of your property changes.

What Type of Insurance Discount to Expect for Having a Car Alarm?

One of the many ways to lower your car insurance premium is to install an alarm system. Here is all you need to know about car alarm insurance discount.

How Having a Heart Attack May Impact Your Life Insurance Policy

If you have a history of heart problems, you may be concerned about your life insurance policy. Learn more here about the link between life insurance and heart attacks.

What Should You Know About California Fair Plan Wildfire Insurance?

The California Fair Plan Insurance serves as a last resort for homeowners who are unable to secure fire coverage in areas with high wildfire risks. Learn more here:

Major RV Insurance Claims & How to Avoid Them

RVs can present unique difficulties and their insurance claims tend to be massive. Learn more about RV insurance claims and ways to avoid them.

How to Proceed If Your Friend Damages Your Motorcycle - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Motorcycle insurance covers you in multiple situations. Here's an overview of how to proceed if your friend damages your motorcycle while riding it.

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance for Rental Property?

You should purchase umbrella insurance for you rental property to pay for the extra cost in case the liability exceeds your existing policy limits. Learn more here:

How to Get an Insurance Policy Reinstated After It Was Canceled? - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

There are different ways your car insurance policy can get canceled. Here's what you need to know about car insurance reinstatement after a policy is canceled.

Is Renters Insurance Essential for College Students?

A renters insurance policy covers your personal property stored on and off the rented premises. Whether college students need it? Learn more:

The Homeowners Insurance Guide: 5 Key Questions Answered - Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Learn the answers to the top 5 homeowners insurance questions to make informed decisions about protecting and safeguarding your home.

Guide to Help You Find Dwelling Coverage for Your Condo

Condo insurance covers external damage and common areas, but dwelling coverage needs to be added for interior and exterior coverage.

Detailed Look at Personal Watercraft Insurance

Boating is popular, but risky. Get personal watercraft insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying the water.

What Impacts Motorcycle Insurance Rates? Exploring 5 Key Factors

Get motorcycle insurance to ride legally. Cost varies based on personal factors. Understand them to compare policies & choose one within your budget.

Is Monthly Motorcycle Insurance Something Riders Should Consider?

Considering changes due to financial concerns? Monthly motorcycle insurance may be an alternative to explore. Learn more about this financial flexibility.

Figuring Out Potential Motorcycle Insurance Claim Payouts

Protect your motorcycle with insurance coverage. Accidents, theft, & vandalism are risks. Learn about the potential motorcycle insurance claims payouts.

Understanding the Age Criteria for Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Classic motorbikes require a different insurance coverage. In this blog, we'll find out how old a bike must be for classic motorbike insurance.

7 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Off-Road Insurance Policy

Ensure your off-road vehicle insurance provides the best coverage for your needs. Ask these questions before buying off-road vehicle insurance.