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Updated by Kimberly Kingston on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for My Legacy Journey With Crowdpoint
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My Legacy Journey With Crowdpoint

Changing the way the world sees Us and We see ourselves. Trading with people through the blockchain, Learning to trust each other. All with the mission of restoring the human spirit and providing hope to our nation, world and future.



Advanced Medicine Exchange

Advanced Medicine Exchange

Pure, organic, lab tested products produced and sold by small businesses on the blockchain.


Protecting the Human Identity

Protecting the Human Identity

Your identity is your most valuable asset. Join me in protecting that asset on the Crowdpoint Technologies Ecosystem. Stop The Steal!

Ambassador, Distributor, Reseller and Tech

I'm proud to say I am a Distributor with Crowdpoint Technologies. My goal as a Distributor is to promote the business of small entrepreneurs across the globe by distributing their safe, natural, chemical-fee products that are good for us and safe for our planet.

The Human Identity is Non-Fungable

Are you ready to stop Big Tech from using your identity for their gain? Join me on Crowdpoint Technologies and take back what you Already Own!

Dr Rashid Buttar

With patients from 94 different countries, Dr Rashid A Buttar has been an outspoken advocate for Medical Truths “they” don’t want you to know! He was followed by millions all over the world until social media shut him down and de-platformed him, earning him the title of the world’s “most censored physician”!

Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt, longstanding advocate for ethical patient-centered medicine. Dr. Merritt has fought for every patient’s right to medical freedom since 1997 - as a member and past president of the Association of American Physician and Surgeons. She continues to fight for your survival against the COVID Cartel.

Dr Christiane Northrup

I have spent my career focusing on being a pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. I focus on following a more empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, and teach women how to thrive at every stage of life.

Eileen McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick researcher, inventor, writer, educator, and practitioner who has been studying the effects of audible acoustic sound on the human body since 1996. She is the originator of a unique sound therapy method called Biofield Tuning (formerly sound balancing) that uses tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and static in the biofield (human energy field/aura).

Leila Centner

Leila Centner, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Centner Academy. A progressive, independent ‘happiness’ school that combines a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness. Discover her story as she presents a logical, reasonable and caring approach to responding to the current COVID crisis.

Lois Laynee

Lois Laynee, a dynamic pioneer and passionate lecturer in the fields of Education, Sleep, Scar Release Healing, Cranio Facial Neuro development, and much more. In addition to heading the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™ By combining her decades of clinical experience with the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™, she offers support for clients at all stages of life.

Robert Scott Bell

Six days a week, Robert Scott Bell (RSB) empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic, and yes, even political healing!

Robert hosts the fastest two hours of healing information on broadcast media, six days a week. Dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic/integrative health care.

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji, founder of - an evidence-based natural health resource used by every country in the world, and co-founder of the non-profit health rights organization, Stand for Health Freedom. Sayer is also an outspoken advocate for health freedom, informed consent, and the benefits of natural alternatives. His platform has the distinction of being one of the most de-platformed and censor-free health resources in the world.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

It's time to move into the new digital platform that is Blockchain, Join me in advancing the lives of everyone you know and millions you don't!

Crowdpoint Technologies Blockchain

In a time when every trip you take, every online purchase you make, and every conversation you have is traceable, I knew it was time to reclaim my security and privacy. I had grown weary of my information being used by Big Tech without my consent.

That is when a friend told me about CrowdPoint Technologies and the Advanced Medicine Exchange. CrowdPoint Technologies is a digital platform provider that offers blockchain technologies created to defend the human identity. The Advanced Medicine Exchange is a safe place to purchase natural, organic, and safe products.

After learning more about CrowdPoint Technologies, and the security and privacy the blockchain would afford me, I did not hesitate to join the hundreds of dedicated and like-minded individuals who are ready to take back what belongs to us – our human identity. Nothing is more important than my identity – what I believe, what I think, what I dream about, my characteristics, my uniqueness. Everything that makes me a distinctly created individual.

I hope you will reach out to me so I can share more details about this incredible platform and how it will change your life forever. Join me in moving to a secure and private blockchain ecosystem that fights for your identity. Click the link below to join:

  • Kindhearted, loving woman who loves God and loves others. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My purpose and focus at this time in my life is to see an end to human slave/sex trafficking.

    Join me on my exciting new journey with the blockchain ecosystem. The Power of the Crowd is available to ALL.
    CRWDWORLD connects people, entrepreneurs, and businesses together on a single decentralized platform. Our products and services provide the tools everyone needs to grow and thrive in the new Web3 economy."

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