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Headline for An Amazingly Effective Opportunity to Build Wealth and Health Freedom
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An Amazingly Effective Opportunity to Build Wealth and Health Freedom

Walk with me through my lists, as I share step-by-step some of the most exciting things you'll; ever hear about this magical; Digital World of CrowdPoint's Blockchain!
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Building The Advanced Medicine Exchange on The CrowdPoint Blockchain

The Advanced Medicine Exchange’s mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing in order to:
• Protect the physical autonomy
• Defend the spiritual sovereignty
• Empower the individual mind with information. To visit our website CLICK HERE

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The Blockchain will Defeat Neo Feudalism

Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism. Big corporations are taking control of cultures & individuals through money, policies, practices, and surveillance capitalism to the point that they control many aspects of everyday private lives.
CrowdPoint's charter is to empower Small and Medium Businesses to harness the power of technologies and participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange.


The Blockchain is Not a Black or White Exclusive; it Liberates, Empowers and Promotes Freedom

The Blockchain is Not a Black or White Exclusive; it Liberates, Empowers and Promotes Freedom

Join our international happy and industrious CrowdPoint family and let's join forces to make the world an even more beautiful place. CLICK HERE


CrowdPoint Presents: (VRAI) AnyWare - Vigilant Robotic Artificially Intelligent

CrowdPoint Presents: (VRAI) AnyWare - Vigilant Robotic Artificially Intelligent

Observe the Power of A.I in the Palm of your hand. For a limited time get your PC updated with VRAI AnyWare for FREE as we conduct our product marketing in a city near you

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Welcome to my Advanced Medicine Exchange Store on the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem

Welcome to my Advanced Medicine Exchange Store on the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem

This has been an incredibly fantastic experience working collaboratively with distributors & resellers from around the world. It's actually a lot of fun!

I want you to be confident that every Natural or Organic product you purchase from me is vetted for the highest quality and supports a small business. You can count on a friendly smile across cyberspace as we provide first-class customer service; you are our special guest and as we (small and medium business owners) package your order with care and added attention.

And to crown it all we offer you, your very own unique digital; decentralized ID, that we can onboard with your purchase and extend you the trust of Cyber Privacy that only you can control; thereby protecting your personal data from hackers and big tech that harvest your information.


Meet The CEO of CrowdPoint The Most Prolific MicroPreneur I Know

Meet The CEO of CrowdPoint The Most Prolific MicroPreneur I Know

MicroPreneur? What is that? A MicroPreneur is one who develops a business with benevolence as the driving force and creates an opportunity to support and elevate others.
As a CrowdPoint Distributor and part of the Founding Platinum 1000, I am happily and eagerly a MicroPreneur too!

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A Glitzy Overview of CrowdPoint Technologies

Can you feel it? Is that excitement building up?

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Media: by Raja

CrowdPoint Testimonials -Blockchain Talk Session 5 Part 1

Testimonials from CrowdPoint Distributors & Resellers from diverse backgrounds sharing their profound stories of what drew them to this amazing company CrowdPoint. Hosting is the captivating host Pete De La Torre and the Co-host the CEO & Founder of CrowdPoint Technologies.


Jump-Start your Journey towards Better Health with the AHEAD Map Tool

Jump-Start your Journey towards Better Health with the AHEAD Map Tool

AHEAD Map may be the best "hack" yet to evaluate and track your health progress. We are happy to provide it for FREE for a limited time please visit
To find out about opportunities to distribute products on The Advanced Medicine Exchange located on the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem CLICK HERE

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

Learning about the blockchain is an ongoing fascination, The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem is powered by the power of the Human Identity. The business model is leveraging the power of the Crowd to lead others in the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution: Creating value for all instead of for a few. CrowdPoint prides itself in providing each participant; Performance, Protection, and Privacy.


Finding CrowdPoint An Abundant Blessing

Finding CrowdPoint An Abundant Blessing

Curiosity led me to look at the CrowdPoint opportunity and I am so glad I did. I do not believe that their coincidences in life, I think there are divine appointments spread over time. Take a look

CrowdPoint Technologies lives by the Manifesto "Privacy is A Human Right"

Have you ever felt like someone is always watching you? Well perhaps not someone but you get the sense that what you say or do is being recorded like for instance if you talk about traveling on Safari, then magically you see ads on your phone or email; with exotic travel packages. When it happens more than once, you know its not coincidence!

Experience the Dynamic Energy of Advanced Medicine

Capture the spirit of The Advanced Medicine - Conference an annual Health and Wellness event designed for everyone, from the layperson to the physician, from those who wish to improve their health to those on the cutting edge of implementing transformative medical technology.

We are sharing this recording of the conference with you, so you too can experience the energy-transforming power of knowledge that empowers!

To learn more about us visit

The Future is Here with Interactive Media

Introducing the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem Interactive Media Exchange* our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite advertising, entertainment and gaming products engaged in the production, distribution of interactive medias in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Entertainment Experience and deliver exceptional immersive experiences with dividends for your HUMAN IDENTITY.

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Eraj Akhtar
Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange
+1 (844) 972-1777
(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): Consumer Staples Exchange PS ("CSX"), a Blockchain
Ecosystem Exchange sector, announced today that it is deploying its big data, artificial
intelligence and blockchain technology shared services platform for decentralized exchanges
and marketplaces. As a member of the Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange system, its single goal
is leveraging the power of blockchain e-commerce to democratize the data behind human
"The mission of the Consumer Staples Exchange is to horizontally and vertically unite food,
staples, retailing, beverage, tobacco, household, and personal products on its
blockchain-powered shared services technology in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Consumer
Staples buying experience for the HUMAN IDENTITY," said Eraj Akhtar, Chief Futures Officer
for CrowdPoint Technologies. "Our Futures team has a singular focus on leveraging the power
of the blockchain to drive e-commerce more efficiently first. Then we can move to use a solid
supply chain optimization approach to improve customer service, eventually removing bloat in
the business ecosystem."
The company has been working in stealth for the past year, integrating into a common schema
of 11 market sectors, providing consumers an easy way to navigate through its Blockchain
Ecosystem Exchange. Its shared services include an integrated suite of proprietary nextgen
blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies. The shared services also include
technologies that help small and medium-sized companies grow and compete like large
enterprises. The company has deployed its web-based communication service that comes
prepopulated with millions of ideal customer profiles. This feat is possible through a big data
customer resource manager. Also included is a website builder that provides web hosting and
design services. Users can quickly build their site while integrating directly into nextgen
blockchain technology. The company is currently in negotiations with several sizable Consumer
Staple resource providers and anticipates making an announcement in the coming days.
The Consumer Staples Exchange is passionate about the success blockchain technology will
have on this sector. CSX focuses on delivering a solid public-private blockchain-powered
assembly of marketplaces that focus on more efficient e-commerce.
For more information, you can visit the following links:
Consumer Staples Exchange Click Here
Blockchain Ecosystem