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Updated by Sue Leigh on Dec 11, 2021
Headline for My awesome journey with CrowdPoint Technologies!
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My awesome journey with CrowdPoint Technologies!

Come and see my extraordinary journey with CrowdPoint Technologies and the Advanced Medicine and Cyber Privacy Exchanges.
It has been exciting to join with 1,000 new friends in distributing and selling wonderful pure, authentic products while keeping you safe in an unsafe world. We are 100% committed to protecting your most precious asset - your Human Identity. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution!


Welcome to the CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine Exchanges

Welcome to a new eco system of personal privacy. Stay self online and enjoy discovering the best of products and services for your good health and well-being using our new digital platform.

What is CrowdPoint Technologies?

Our Ecosystem brings Big Data, AI, Compaction, and the Block to the next level while institutionalizing the emerging Blockchain technology. Our first goal is to free the Human identity from its current online shackles to return value back to YOU. Our Digital Platforms, when combined with Big Data continuous lead generation, create an interconnected Blockchain Ecosystem where the Consumer always wins.

What is Advanced Medicine?

Advanced Medicine is the medicine that is way ahead of its time! It is based on the philosophy and treatment protocols of Dr. Rashid Buttar, that all disease begins with 7 Toxicities. These increase oxidative stress and result in disease. The key is that if you effectively detoxify the body by reducing/eliminating all 7 toxicities, chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, etc, can NOT exist.

Advanced Medicine Exchange | Coming Soon

The Advanced Medicine Exchange mission is to combine
medical advances and scientific research with highly
efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies
to DEMOCRATIZE healing.


Own Your Digital Identity

Own Your Digital Identity

Take back control of your own personal data! Do you know that every 2 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft? Data breaches happen on an almost a daily basis, exposing our email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers and other highly sensitive data. Big tech companies use our online searches to throw up suggested products for us to buy. Well, no more - not when shopping on the CrowdPoint Exchange.

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

What is a blockchain and how do they work? I'll explain why blockchains are so special in simple and plain English!


What drew me to CrowdPoint?

What drew me to CrowdPoint?

CrowdPoint aligns with my own values of integrity, honesty, transparency and privacy. And, after working as a psychologist for 25 years, it's time to catch up with exciting emerging technologies. At the forefront, the CrowdPoint Blockchain is uniquely dedicated to keeping you safe in an unsafe world.

The highest quality products shipped locally and globally

We aim to empower small businesses whose values align with out own. You can rest assured that all our products and services have been very carefully screened to meet the highest of standards.

Vika's Essentials - just one of our amazing healthy beauty products

Vika's Essentials Facial Wash & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment contain a multitude of organic, pure essential oils, known for their healing powers; fair-trade, cold-pressed and unrefined seed and nut oils; and all completely natural preservatives. The products are made in small batches, each batch is prayed over with love and wishes for sincere healing.


Easily upgrade your PC and iron out all the bugs! | Coming soon

Easily upgrade your PC and iron out all the bugs! | Coming soon
Explore the NexGen Exchange opportunities with the CrowdPoint BlockChain

Explore this opportunity to set yourself free. Join our group of like-minded micropreneurs, where you and your customers both win. We help our customers find real quality products, while protecting their privacy. And, we promote carefully chosen ethical, dedicated small businesses, whose products you won't find on big-tech platforms.