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Double End Bag - What You Need to Know

The floor-to-ceiling bag, also called the double end bag, is a small, circular bag that is attached by an elastic cord to both the floor and the ceiling. Their sizes, shapes, and rebound elasticity can be adjusted. You can work on all kinds of punching skills on it.


Boxing with Double End Bags: 10 Reasons

Developing fast handling, coordination, and timing are some of the benefits of double-end bags. Discover all the benefits.

How to use the double-ended bag for an advanced routine

You don't want to miss the 10 round advanced double- ended bag routine after brushing up on your skills.

A collection of 25 double-ended bag tricks

You can try 25 different trick shots & combos with a floor-to-ceiling ball, not only working your boxing punches & head movements, but also knees, elbows, catches, and more.

Basic Boxing Techniques Using Double End Bags

Learn how to practice boxing with the double end bag in this boxing video.

8 Best Double End Bags for Home

Would you like to purchase a double-ended bag? Here's a comprehensive buyer's guide, along with reviews of the best bags that are durable, bounce quickly, and are worth the money.

Balazs Universal Boxing Stand - 4-Station Heavy Bag, Speed Bag and Double-end Bag Stand
  • Four punching bag stations in one freestanding stand.
  • The stand does not require additional supports to prevent it from falling over.
  • Drum speed bag platform made of solid maple wood.
  • Station for Double-End Striking Bags is included.
  • Made in USA.
  • Warranty for life.

How tight should a double end bag be?

If you're having trouble getting it tight, then try loosening it up and working more on defenses. Try getting it about 50% tight and 50% loose - again, play around with it and find what works best for you.


Are gloves necessary for double end bags?

Are gloves necessary for double end bags?

The bag gloves are not really necessary when working with the double end bag, but they do make it easier. Furthermore, you're going to be training and competing wearing gloves, so it doesn't make any sense to not wear them when you're working on the bag.

What is the right size double end bag for me?

This article offers helpful information on choosing a double end bag for those who do not know how to do so.

How to inflate a double-end bag

So I've been pounding punching bags as long as I can remember. One of those is a double end bag. But the issue is the same with a speed bag, football...

Mexican Double End vs Traditional Double End

Check out the differences between a traditional double end bag and a Mexican bag.

The Best (DIY) Double End Bag for Boxing

The best way to make a double ended punching bag that is durable and strong.