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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 22, 2021
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5 Awesome Things to Do in Koh Phangan - Top 5 Activities to Enjoy in Koh Phangan

Often regarded as Thailand's favourite beach holiday destination, Koh Phangan is a recreational hotspot for the travelling masses. Here are five activities every visitor should sign up for during a tour of the beach capital.


Go Scuba Diving

Tipped to be one of Thailand's top scuba diving hubs, Koh Phangan offers visitors the chance to uncover the stunning coral gardens and the exquisite marine heritage all in one incredible underwater adventure. Scuba diving tours are available through numerous local tour operators while those based at Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas or any similar Phangan beach resort can book a diving expedition via their accommodation provider as well. Those who wish to learn how to dive will find that there are a number of water sports centres and diving schools on the island offering PADI certificate courses for tourists of all ages.


Wine and Dine at Thong Sala Night Market

Whether you're a diehard foodie or simply looking for authentic local meals, there's no place quite like the Thong Sala Night Market to dig into Thai food in Koh Phangan. As a one-stop culinary fair, the sprawling marketplace remains one of the most popular retail hubs and food streets on the island. Offering inexpensive and delicious meals and Thai snacks once the sun goes down, wining and dining your way through the Thong Sala Night Market is a veritable cultural experience for first-time visitors. Some of the hot-pick dishes served at the market include grilled fish, falafels, pizza, sushi, and of course, Thai noodles, while seafood fare also features heavily on every menu.


Sign Up for a Culinary Class

Those who wish to take something back from their holiday in Koh Phangan apart from the memories should join a local cooking class to learn how to prepare Thai delicacies at home. Available in the form of courses offered by culinary schools and home cooks and hotel food demonstrations, Thai cooking lessons can be an intensive three-month ordeal or a single-day adventure depending on your budget and the time available. Most classes will not only include tips on preparing some of Thailand's best-loved dishes but also a trip to a local market to shop for quality ingredients.


Go for a Ride

Whether it's kayaking around the coastline or island hopping on a yacht, Koh Phangan is a boating enthusiast's dream come true. Boat trips to nearby Ang Thong National Park and other exotic locations around the island can be a part of your holiday in Koh Phangan and it's as easy as signing up with a local tour organiser and selecting a cruise of your choice.


Indulge in a Spa Day

Home to some of the most luxurious spa facilities in the country, no trip to Koh Phangan would be complete without a spa day in one of the island's healing centres. Offering tourists everything from Ayurvedic foot massages and Thai body wraps to Swedish aromatherapy sessions, the sheer variety of treatments available in Koh Phangan spa menus is enough to make one's head spin.