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Headline for Ernest's Life Changing Advanced Medicine & CrowdPoint Journey!
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Ernest's Life Changing Advanced Medicine & CrowdPoint Journey!

This is a list to share the events surrounding my grateful entry into my own E-commerce store, & the ability to help Protect and Secure the data of customers who shop on my Advanced Medicine Exchange & other CrowdPoint marketplaces.


MUST watch- 2.5 mins
And why we need CrowdPoint & Advanced Medicine Market!
A Servant heart company dedicated to Protect & secure online Identities.

Companies prey on children for profit. Apps and devices are more invasive, harvesting children’s information to spy, manipulate, and discriminate.

Let's protect our kids, & ourselves!
JOIN this movement, Here's a LINK

Shop without being Cyber stalked on The Advanced Medicine Exchange!

A New way to shop. It's changing the landscape of online shopping with
New cyber security ~ from CrowdPoint Technologies.

Big corporations steal & sell your data for Profit. YOU get nothing.

Purchase from us, your data goes on the blockchain & is protected! Get paid in dividends for each purchase.

And The Products are Amazing!
Vetted & Sourced from small businesses dedicated to improving our health. They work!

Click HERE


Advanced Medicine Exchange ~ A place to serve

Advanced Medicine Exchange ~ A place to serve

Service has been my life.
Law Enforcement & daycare centers.
Both to serve the community.
Now during retirement I'd like to serve again,
This time communities of the World!

Enter The Advanced Medicine Exchange

Here I'm able to serve by offering quality products while Protecting your data & Identity from corporations that steal it for profit.


What the heck is this?

It's the future of NEW cyber security technology.
It's the future of "for real" identity protection when online shopping.

Click HERE and HERE to see some cool stuff coming from CrowdPoint Technologies!


Wowza! Finally.....

Wowza! Finally.....

Do Natural health products exist that actually Work?
Well Yes they do. I found some. You'll see how truly Amazing they are on The Advanced Medicine Marketplace.

It's powered by CrowdPoint Technologies, where we care about your health & privacy.

You too can provide this to others & create extra income by having your OWN marketplace.
Won't you JOIN me?