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Top 5 Things to Do When in Khon Kaen – Experiencing a Distinctive City

The Thai city of Khon Kaen offers an array of interesting things to do that will capture the interest of the visitor, such as visiting Wat Nong Wang, relaxing at Bueng Kaen Nakhon, and so on.


Visit Wat Nong Wang

A great place to commence your tour of Khon Kaen's attractions would be the temple known as Wat Nong Wang, which happens to be renowned for its impressive stupa. This handsome nine-storey edifice, situated at the local lake's southern end, may be considered to be the heart of the temple compound. At this stupa, you will encounter several interesting contemporary murals that depict the history of Khon Kaen and the culture of the local Isan region. On its 4th floor, you will find a selection of historical exhibits including an array of rarely found Buddha statues.


Relax at Bueng Kaen Nakhon

You will find that the lake known as Bueng Kaen Nakhon is situated towards the southeast of Khon Kaen's centre; it can be considered one of Khon Kaen's principal features. The parkland in the environs of this lake is a wonderful attraction for families; here, one will have the opportunity to hire bicycles and head out cycling or perhaps take a leisurely walk around the park, while kids are sure to enjoy themselves at the local playground. Another activity that may be experienced at the lake would be fishing which is permitted at its south-eastern section.


Visit Khon Kaen City Museum

This captivating museum is known locally as Hong Moon Mung which translates to 'treasure hall'. This is a suitable name as the museum houses many fascinating treasures in the form of historical artefacts drawn from the local region as well as Thailand as a whole. You will see that these artefacts are presented in five distinct zones, ranging from those belonging to prehistoric times to modern times. An accommodation choice to consider within easy reach of this museum would be Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, which may be regarded as a pleasingly located hotel in Khon Kaen.


Shop at Walking Street Market

You will find that Khon Kaen's Walking Street Market is like the street weekend markets that you will find at places like Chiang Mai but is much less touristy. At this market in Khon Kaen, you will encounter a multitude of vendors selling goods like postcards, T-shirts, handbags, picture frames and many other kinds of handmade items. Entertainment is provided by musicians, dancers and other performers. You will see that the whole market area is decorated with attractive lanterns which add to the vibrant atmosphere.


Explore Phu Wiang National Park

Anyone with an interest in prehistoric animals will be captivated by the Phu Wiang National Park. A geologist came across a giant fossilised bone at this site in 1976; the palaeontologists who arrived soon after unearthed the fossilised remains of a 15-metre long herbivorous dinosaur. Subsequently, more dinosaur fossils were discovered and the site gained increased popularity. Today, visitors to the Phu Wiang National Park will have the opportunity to visit the excavation sites and experience the Phu Wiang Museum which features animatronic dinosaur figures amongst other engrossing displays.