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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 21, 2021
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5 Captivating Things to Do in Quy Nhon, Vietnam – Entrancing Experiences for the Visitor

If you head to the charming city of Quy Nhon in Vietnam, you will find an array of interesting things to do; these include visiting Banh It Towers and the Twin Towers, snorkelling at Ky Co Beach and so on.


Visit Banh It Towers

Centuries ago, the Cham people constructed numerous temples within the present Binh Dinh province of Vietnam. You will find that the Banh It Towers are a captivating sightseeing attraction, ranking amongst the largest and best-preserved tower complexes in Vietnam. Situated a short distance away from the central area of Quy Nhon, you will find that this site is usually free of crowds of sightseers, though this also depends on when you visit. One will encounter four towers here; namely the Main Tower, Fire Tower, Gate Tower and Stele Tower. The major attractions for visitors would be the Main and Fire towers which feature lovely brickwork and picturesque vegetation growing on them.


Take in the view at Eo Gio

The attractive Eo Gio which translates as 'windy waist' happens to be a vantage point that would be a pleasant spot at which to relax and enjoy the appealing views. Its name is derived from the fact that the local mountains, resemble the shape of the curve of a waist. At the entrance, you will find pathways that lead to the base of the hill, from where visitors will have the opportunity to snap some photographs of the pleasant landscapes and shimmering waters. Although swimming will not be advisable here, you may still place your feet in the waters whilst observing the fish and other marine creatures.


Experience the Twin Towers

Amongst the best things to do in Quy Nhon is to visit the intriguing Twin Towers, a captivating local sightseeing attraction. Another creation of the Cham people, it will draw the interest of those looking to take in historical, cultural or religious sites. You will find that one tower contains an area for praying with a linga statue where devotees often light incense. Meanwhile, you will see that the other tower remains empty. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could easily visit the Twin Towers would be Avani Quy Nhon Resort which may be regarded as a pleasingly located resort in Quy Nhon.


Snorkel at Ky Co Beach

The popular Ky Co Beach is one of Vietnam's finest beaches as well as Quy Nhon's most frequented coastal attraction. You will find that the beach here is pristine and bordered by gleaming blue waters. Visitors will also encounter a nearby snorkelling location where they will have the opportunity to view fascinating corals including brain lobe coral as well as various kinds of fish. You will find that Ky Co Beach may be reached by motorcycle as well as via a boat tour.


Enjoy seafood

As you might expect, Quy Nhon features a multitude of seafood restaurants where you can feast on freshly obtained and tastily prepared seafood. Since the seafood is fresh and plentiful, you may enjoy it on every day of your stay if you so choose! Generally, you will find that fish and large shrimps happen to be costlier, with the shelled seafood and snails often being cheaper. With so many options, you are sure to enjoy your seafood dining experience in Quy Nhon.