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Here Are 7 Incredible Animals You Can See in Zambia - Get up close to wildlife

Known as an excellent safari destination, Zambia has many interesting wildlife species to make your holiday unforgettable. There is no surprise as to why adventure travellers across the world head over to Zambia in search of the raw African wilderness. Hire a safari jeep and observe these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.


African elephants

Zambia is home to a large number of African elephants. Zambians believe that it is important to monitor elephants as they play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. You could spot these jumbos in river-heavy Zambian national parks including lower Zambezi, South Luangwa and Kafue. They are easily recognized by their large ears and trunk. If you are holidaying at a Livingstone hotel the likes of Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara, the expert guides in the hotel will guide you through the Mosi Oa Tunya National Park to spot African wild creatures. It is a natural wonderland not to be missed.



There will be a better place where you can see species of lions than in Zambia because it has the largest lion population on the continent. These kings in the jungle often spend time lounging or hunting in the grassland areas of Zambia. Keep your camera stand by as you may get a chance to spot a pride of lions climbing trees. The low woodlands, grassy and flat plains in South Luangwa National Park make it an ideal destination to see lions on foot when in Zambia. The best time to visit would be during the dry season (May to November).


White Rhinos

White Rhino species are more approachable and visible compared to black rhinos. Known to be twice the weight of a black rhino, the second-largest land animal species after elephants. You can easily spot them with their invariably held low fin-like ridge on the spine, huge head and humped shoulder.



Hippos are plentiful in waterways in Zambia and groups of more than 60 hippos can be viewed in one spot. Remember, despite they are large in their size, they are vegetarian creatures. Hippos usually feed their babies at night and eat up to 60kilograms of grass every night. They prefer to spend most of their time cooling off in rivers. Be mindful to move away from them if you hear their warning snorts.



Did you ever know that leopards are shy solo hunters in the jungle? They can be viewed in lower Zambezi National Parks and South Luangwa woodlands. The ideal time to catch a glimpse of these giant cats would be in the dark. You can also enjoy the thrills and spills of a night safari through the jungle.



Known as a relative of the horse family, these gorgeous creatures generally move in hundreds or even more than that. When Zebras are in large groups, the optical illusion created by their black and white stripes helps to confuse potential predators.



Here is the chance to spot the tallest animal in the animal kingdom! These gregarious mammals often move in herds of up to 20. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of these silent creatures grazing on trees in Lower Zambezi National Parks and South Luangwa.