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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 21, 2021
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5 Best things to See and Do in Wuhan – One of the safest destinations to travel to in 2021!

Despite being the epicentre of the global pandemic, with the valiant efforts of medical personnel and the occupants of the city, Wuhan today has become one of the safest places to visit amidst the pandemic. The city is now on the road to recovery and it is already emerging as one of the most popular travel destinations in China in 2021. Read on to know if you are planning to visit here with the hopes of contributing to its recovery.


Visit the Crane tower

Being a city that is drenched in history, Wuhan features a wide variety of cultural and historic attractions. With a magnificent outlook and fostering a past that spans over centuries. The crane tower is indeed one of the most culturally significant sites one could visit in Wuhan. Once being purposed as a military watchtower, the structure magnificently protrudes over the landscape offering you exclusive panoramic vistas of the city.


A stroll along the Han Street

Located in proximity to celebrated Wuhan hotels the likes of Somerset Wusheng Wuhan, The Han Street offers travellers a glimpse of local life. The street packed with walk-in snack stalls, restaurants, cafes and even small boutiques. The infrastructure here seamlessly blends modern and traditional architectural styles for the buildings here will meet your eyes as a visual treat. What is more, the street occasionally comes to life with live performances so check with your hotel's front desk or with a local travel operator for the times that such events take place.


East Lake

Having the reputation of being the largest lake that is located within the borders of a city, the east lake offers you an opportunity to enjoy exquisite vistas taking your mind away from the hustles and bustles of the city. To add to the experience, the lake is surrounded by quaint walkways, cycling tracks and viewing platforms. Travellers can visit here after a tiring day of exploration and witness the spectacle of the sun going down below the mountains for its slumber. Also, consider visiting Wuhan in May for you can witness the Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations that take place in and around the lake.


Hubei Museum of Art

Home to an extensive collection of traditional Chinese oil paintings to masterfully crafted sculptures, the Hubei Museum of Art is a must-visit site for those who have a knack for enjoying and appreciating various forms of Art. The exhibits and artworks in the museum have a reputation of being life-like and some of them, downright surreal! The museum also doubles as a venue for international art exhibitions so be sure to check with the museum staff or with your hotel to see if you are in luck!


Hubu Alley

Located right next to the Crane tower, Hubu Alley is the best place to be if you love food. The region is home to a myriad of food stalls and eateries that lets you enjoy meticulously prepared and decadent local delicacies. If you are a regular foodie, dried noodles, pork sandwiches, duck neck, tofu skin are some of the items that you should consider trying - but if you are someone who has an adventurous palate, try out the infamous stinky tofu which is absurdly popular among the locals!