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Updated by Elaine Pauly on May 27, 2022
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10 Surprising Ways the Vogon Global Blockchain Ecosystem is Transforming Global Enterprise!

Elaine's Journey into the Global Vogon Blockchain Ecosystem

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

If you had mentioned "Blockchain" to me a few months ago, you would have seen my eyes glaze over. At the time I thought blockchain was simply a mechanism for cryptocurrency. Little did I know of the massive power of this advanced digital platform.

But then, the world changed . . . the pandemic hit, small businesses were devastated, gutted, and a massive censorship campaign blanketed us all.

That's when I was introduced to CrowdPoint Technologies and the VOGON GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM.



Freedom . . . We all want it. The path, however, is not always clear. With our Blockchain Ecosystem freedom is within reach for all. Our We bring the "power of the crowd" and the tools needed to launch a successful online presence to each and every individual in our global network. Join us.


If you're one whose business was devastated by the pandemic, Our Blockchain Ecosystem levels the playing field. Little guys like me, you, and main street businesses have the same presence on our Blockchain as the big guys. All occupy an equal "node", engaged in business transactions, peer to peer, unencumbered by the big players.


Our Blockchain Ecosystem - Includes 11 business sectors - Communications, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Utilities, Financials, Healthcare, Cyber Privacy, Information Technology, Materials, Real Estate, Entertainment/Interactive Media. No-one left behind or left out!


The human identity is today's global currency. It drives industry and fuels our global economy. For years big tech has been watching us . . .our habits, tendencies, purchases - and collecting "data" on us and to sell to advertisers. Your value has literally been stolen. Our Blockchain Ecosystem protects your identity and privacy, and provides security to all who enter.


Our Blockchain Ecosystem is built on the most advanced NexGen technology: Artificial Intelligence, Compaction, decentralized Blockchain, Smart Contracts and big data providing a platform the links buys and sellers directly in a streamlined and highly efficient system that spans the world.


Our Blockchain Ecosystem is open to all and was uniquely crafted for smaller and midcap businesses worldwide. One powerful global, decentralized blockchain ecosystem linking all businesses in a distributed, democratized network to conduct business peer to peer. No boundaries, walls, or distance to separate us.


Have you heard of "Surveillance Capitalism" - a term to describe how big tech watches your every move, captures data on your preferences and buying habits, and sells it to advertisers . . . for a nice profit - btw. Once you enter our Vogon Blockchain Ecosystem, all this stops. Your identity and data are protected. And - the best part. . . we pay you back in dividends.


If you've ever tried to launch an on-line business you'll know the high price you pay in $ and time, education, materials, website design, etc just to get up and running, let alone have anyone find you online. Our Blockchain Ecosystem is a "done-for-you" system, using Big Data Analytics we not only provide a website template, but will drive continuous leads to your site. All win with us!


It's hard - if not impossible - for small Independent businesses and "mom & pop" establishments to compete with the big players. The cost to sustain and investment to remain viable can be crushing for any small business. Our Vogon Blockchain Ecosystem levels the playing field, hosting all businesses - micro and massive, for a fraction of the cost one would expect to launch and maintain a successful business.


We live in a world of great disparity with approx 70% of the wealth held by 10% of the population. Most have come to accept this as the norm, believing that somehow resources are scarce.

We and our partners in the Vogon Blockchain Ecosystem believe there are no limits to abundance in our world. Working together, sharing tools and resources, and supporting each other, we all win. Join us! Let's change the world!

Join Us Today!

Ever dreamed of building an online business but simply didn't have the resources to put it all together? Join our team and become part of the Blockchain Ecosystem. We provide everything you need to get started online - a website, Product Showcases where you can select product if you have none of your own, and qualified leads directed to your site. We're a global digital marketplace, helping small and midcap companies thrive. []