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Best Activities You Can Do in Doha – Captivating Diversions for the Visitor

Doha is a charming city in the UAE and it offers many interesting activities for travellers such as visiting Souq Waqif and the Falcon Souq, experiencing the National Museum of Qatar and so on.


Visit Souq Waqif

Over centuries, the city of Doha has been renowned for its attractive markets. Visitors should undoubtedly take the opportunity to visit Souq Waqif, the city's oldest and probably best-known market. Many people visit this market to browse through the goods on sale or just spend time with friends and family. The merchandise on offer at Souq Waqif includes traditional apparel, handicrafts, spices and souvenirs. You will also be able to enjoy delicious Qatari foods at the souq's restaurants. Undoubtedly, visiting Souq Waqif would provide you with an authentic insight into the culture of Qatar.


Admire the falcons at the Falcon Souq

Anyone with an interest in birds in general and falcons, in particular, will be captivated at Doha's distinctive Falcon Souq. This market can be found at the previously mentioned Souq Waqif and is where you will encounter hundreds of magnificent falcons as well as other kinds of birds. You will find that the falcons are very expensive and are only bought by committed falconers who can look after these birds properly. Falconry holds an esteemed place in Qatari society and these majestic birds are also regarded as status symbols. Amongst the 5-star hotels in Doha from which you could easily visit the Falcon Souq would be Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.


Experience the National Museum of Qatar

Culture and history lovers will be enthralled by the remarkable National Museum of Qatar which opened its doors to the public in 2019. It has already secured a reputation as one of the world's most frequented museums. This outstanding attraction relates the narrative of the development of Qatar through three main parts, commencing with 'Beginnings', continuing to 'Life in Qatar' and concluding with 'Modern History of Qatar'. By visiting this museum, you will be able to gain a good understanding of the history of the nation ranging from the early period to the modern era.


View the artworks at the Museum of Islamic Art

The splendid Museum of Islamic Art holds a prominent position amongst Qatar's museums, proudly presenting Islamic art from no less than three continents. You will find that this museum houses a superb collection of artworks including jewellery, manuscripts, textiles, glass ornaments and many other engrossing artefacts. Visitors here will encounter Islamic artworks from numerous countries and regions such as Egypt, India, Central Asia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Spain. You will also have the opportunity to learn more concerning Islamic culture at the regular workshops conducted at the museum.


Stroll along the Corniche

The attractive Doha Corniche happens to be a public promenade that stretches along Doha Bay for a distance of 7 km. You will see that the Corniche is a popular attraction drawing leisure seekers of all occupations and income brackets. There will be several leisure pursuits to engage in here, from flying kites and visiting family-friendly parks to dining at one of the upscale restaurants. You will also have the opportunity to take a ride on a dhow boat which is sure to be a captivating experience since it provides spectacular views of Doha Bay.