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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things to Avoid When Exploring the Hoi An Ancient Town - Useful Tips!

UNESCO has designated Hoi An Ancient Town as a World Cultural Heritage Site. This is one of central Vietnam's most appealing destinations. Here are some things visitors must avoid when visiting this unique old town!


Evading buying a ticket

The ticketing system for Hoi An ancient town is not as stringent as it is for many other world-famous landmarks. Many travellers don't have to search for their tickets to get into or out of the old town. However, you can purchase an entrance pass since it is one of the only ways to contribute to the preservation and restoration of the old town. Visitors who purchase tickets will be able to select from four out of twenty-one destinations, including museums, old buildings, cultural works, assembly halls, and so on. Visitors will also be provided with detailed directions on maps and destinations. If you travel in a group of 8 or more, you will be assigned an additional guide. The cost of a ticket when visiting Hoi An ancient town is reportedly 80,000 VND for local visitors and 120,000 VND for foreign visitors, with children under the age of 12 being eligible to gain a free pass.


Bargaining when buying in the early morning

In Hoi An, homestay owners often remind visitors to buy early in the morning. The first customers of the day are given special treatment by the locals. Avoid negotiating and reducing prices if you head to a market early in the morning. If at all necessary, purchase a little item and have fun talking with the vendors. It'll be a wholesome experience! Besides, during your tour, make sure to check out the local restaurants in Hoi An. You can check out authentic meals at places like Art Space Hoi An.


Traveling in the wet season

From the months of January till July is the perfect time to visit Hoi An. Visiting Hoi An during the thunderstorm season at the end of the year is not recommended. Since the old town is situated along the Hoai River, it is susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall. Rainy days in Hoi An are typically empty and bleak. So, it's best avoided if you want the best possible experience of Hoi An.


Riding a motorbike in the old town

One of the attractions of a trip to Hoi An is that you can do almost anything on a bicycle or on foot. Since Hoi An Ancient Town is not overly large, you can slowly explore any corner by walking, cycling, and the likes.


Wearing offensive clothing

Since there are many sacred artefacts in Hoi An, such as Phuoc Lam and Chuc Thanh, tourists should dress appropriately while visiting places of worship. There are instances where tourists have been denied entry simply because they were wearing too short or tight trousers or skirts.


Being Noisy and indiscriminate

Hoi An is very busy during the peak tourist seasons. Any well-known attractions or restaurants are often overcrowded. If you visit the old town at around this time, stand in line respectfully and wait for your turn; do not push or jostle around.

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