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Updated by Helen Osuji on Jan 31, 2022
Headline for HelenO's Extra-Ordinary CrowdPoint Adventure For Life!
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HelenO's Extra-Ordinary CrowdPoint Adventure For Life!

A list of events that led to me collaborating with the most inspirational team of people I ever had the fortune of meeting, within CrowdPoint Technologies, The Blockchain Ecosystem and The Advanced Medicine Marketplace.
The world is ready for change... Do you feel it too?!


The Blockchain Ecosystem | An Assembly of Trusted Agents Globally

The Blockchain Ecosystem | An Assembly of Trusted Agents Globally
In 2020 my consciousness raised and I knew the time had come for change and I’ve learned how we do it- by using CrowdPoint Technologies Blockchain Ecosystem, we take back our cyberspace privacy! With this unique concept, the human identity is protected, decentralised and tokenised to guarantee our security online -
Here’s how!

Walking Amongst Giants

When it comes to data protection, we don't know what we don't know... If you ever wonder why we give away so much of our personal data when we buy online or how those pop-up ads know exactly what we want, it's because 'surveillance capitalism' is stealing our most valuable resource. This is now all changing with an egalitarian reality of taking back control over who uses it and GET PAID for it!
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The Blockchain Will Defeat Neo Feudalism

"Today, the world has moved away from Capitalism to Neo Feudalism."
Meaning: The one way seizure of private power and law by elites.
CrowdPoint's mission is to empower the microprenuer of small and medium businesses to harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies and participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem
"When integrated correctly, these technologies will usher in radically new business models"!
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The Blockchain Ecosystem - Our Next Industrial Revolution

The Blockchain Ecosystem - Our Next Industrial Revolution

There is a way out of this digital slavery and it’s not just for the few, it’s for the people, by the people, so learn to trust and create what your heart desires.
With the expertise and support of the Blockchain Ecosystem’s devoted team, we are now realising the turning point to regain our complete health and wealth freedom and we will pay it forward to teach others how to do it too!

My Voyage To The Advanced Medicine Marketplace

Early in 2020, I opened to a new level of consciousness, thirsting for knowledge. On this quest, I came across Dr. Rashid Buttar who spoke truth and sense to me and I looked forward to his talks. In January '21 he offered a unique opportunity to join 1000 like-minded souls from across the globe, all seeking health and financial freedom, to start on a path of transformation that gives so much hope. And so, the Advanced Medicine Marketplacewas born!

Dr B Leading The Way With Advanced Medicine

Start the journey to your best life here at
The Advance Medicine Marketplace) 💗


Health Versus Wealth? Why Not Both!!

Health Versus Wealth? Why Not Both!!

We have all hugely re-evaluated our lives and health recently. My soul has always aligned with natural medicine, so I’ve taken the leap to become a micropreneur in the industry and now I’m very happy to share with the world just what can be achieved with the power of the mind, the trust in that we are all our own healers, aided by the power of Nature. The Advanced Medicine Marketplacesecured by the Blockchain brings all this collective knowledge to our fingertips

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace Powered by the CrowdPoint Blockchain

I am thrilled and grateful to be able to offer only the highest quality natural healthcare, wellbeing and beauty products & services. As a Distributor with The Advanced Medicine Marketplace, we can be the change the world is waiting for, supported by those who passionately care about our lives - as micropreneurs, consumers, humans.

This can be YOU too - learn how to regain your autonomy!

Immunity For The Next Generation... Our Children Need Protecting

We all worry about the safety and future of our children... More so than ever for the fact that there are constant threats online from cyber hacking - the worst of it: adults pretending to be children to lure them away from their families. CrowdPoint are passionately committed to help stop this. With VRAI at our backs, we can all look forward to freedom from surveillance.

Our future is here
It's going to be remarkable... The power of the crowd!


Enter Esports, An Exciting New Gaming Exchange - Coming Soon!

Enter Esports, An Exciting New Gaming Exchange - Coming Soon!

Just when you thought this couldn't get any better, along comes an added bonus... Esports gaming - where you know our children will be able to play in a safe ecosystem and we can release our inner child and get competitive!

Blockchain Talk Series - Session 3

Session 3 features 10 Blockchain Ecosystem Global Ambassadors and Distributors. #Empowerment #Choices #LevelPlayingField
The Power of the Crowd
Enjoy watching some of my fellow global Distributors telling their unique and often moving stories, who are also ready to make a positive difference in this changing world

Blockchain Talk Series - Session 5 Part 1

Part 1 of Session 5 featuring 6 personal stories on how The Blockchain Ecosystem powered by CrowdPoint Technologies is changing lives around the world.

"The Blockchain Ecosystem is going to be the most liberating moment in human history for those who seize the day"
Sean O' Brien-Brehm CEO CrowdPoint Technologies

Knowledge is Power! So LEARN & LET'S GO!!

End Human Trafficking. (Warning - graphic and upsetting content)

PLEASE... We HAVE to STOP this!
If we are not a part of the solution then by reason, we must be a part of the problem.
CrowdPoint are supporting charities that are helping to make this a thing of the past. An issue that is close to my heart.
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We welcome you and your business to the Blockchain Ecosystem

Are you aware just how much it costs to get a successful online business started on an e-commerce platform?
The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint Technologies offers unique support to small & medium size businesses, leveraging and enabling them to compete on a level playing field alongside big corporates, done by driving countless ideal customers to your market space! Boost your business here!


I am so grateful and honoured to be involved with a company who puts our human needs first!
Sean humbly explains how this is the next level of Blockchain and how it empowers everyone No matter who you are or where you’re from, the most precious resource on the planet has now been tokenised on the Blockchain Ecosystem so everyone can have access to it!