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coconut coir growing medium

Coconut coir growing medium has been increasingly utilising 100% natural urban, rooftop, vertical, urban, and open-field gardening sustainable methodologies for the last few decades. Ceyhinz Link International Inc.


Riococo offers reliable coconut coir growing medium for eco-friendly farming

Derive premium-quality coir substrates as optimal coconut coir growing medium from Riococo. It is the foremost soilless growing media manufacturers in operation. 

Get eco-friendly coconut coir growing media as natural crop fillings

Riococo brings in 100% organic coco coir substrates and starter blocks as effective coconut coir growing media. They can be used in both soil and aqua-based cultivation. 

RIOCOCO offers starter blocks for growing strawberries in coco coir

Growing strawberries in coco coir is nowadays a 100% organic and sustainable process provided by RIOCOCO. Maintain the unique air-water balance in the strawberry plants. 

Love to nurture urban gardening crops? Use RIOCOCO organic coir substrates!

Are you a hobbyist gardener who cannot wait to watch the growth of your planted saplings? With RIOCOCO 100% natural, renewable, and bio gradable coir substrate, you will notice a faster and healthier growth of the plants like never before! RIOCOCO ranks among the top soilless growing media manufacturers and suppliers in the world that distributes premium-quality coir products for urban gardening!

RIOCOCO Introduced BLUMIX for Growing Strawberries in coco coir

Growing strawberries in coco coir is a natural fit for several reasons. Coir retains water much more efficiently than soil, so strawberry plants require less frequent watering. If you are a hydroponic blue berry grower, you should use BLUMIX for the blueberries.

Coco peat hydroponics from RIOCOCO

Coco peat hydroponics has effectively become the most sustainable and energy-efficient aquaculture techniques that are now practiced globally engaging the greenhouse restoration solutions. RICOCCO offers 100% organic coco peat which is the most nutrient-balanced medium for effective propagation of fruits and vegetables utilising aquaponics methods.

RICOCCO offers sanitised premium-quality hydroponic grow bags composed of 100% organic breathable coco coir fabric. It offers enhanced air-circulation and drainage holes for permitting excess water to escape from the bottom of the bag. These recyclable bags sustain the correct proportion of air and water balance inside it.

Coconut Coir Growing Medium: The First Choice for Hydroponic Growers

Coconut coir growing medium is an organic compound that adds to the absorbency. The water retention and drainage of potting soils are high, and is a fine amendment to traditional growing medium.