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Updated by BlueBird on Aug 26, 2016
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The Best Articles I Read In Week 27

My weekly list of the blog posts I found, read and shared.
Curated and shared on my blog:
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Social Media Marketing for Museums: Part 1

What's the main reason Museums carry out social media? As an avid follower of many online, here's my take as a digital marketer.

5 Basic Steps to Establishing Your Business's Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence is imperative nowadays to get your business noticed. With the right marketing tools and use of social media, word can spread fast about what your business has to offer.

Customers Expect SOCIAL in Your Social Media Leadership

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by an Italian newspaper regarding online marketing and social media best practices. Since most of our readers probably missed that one, I figured I'd share my answers here. What about your work? What is your story and your educational path?

8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: A Cheat Sheet for Newbies

Pinterest may be the current social media belle of the ball, but that does not mean everyone truly gets it yet. While Pinterest is an exciting opportunity for business marketers, capitalizing on this unique platform can feel elusive.

The Doctor's Rules of Social Media Management

Ah The Doctor, that mysterious man from Gallifrey... For those of you non Whovians out there, the Doctor (a Time Lord-a time travelling, humanoid alien) is the titular character in the BBC science fiction television show, Doctor Who.

5 Great Social Business Tools | The Nimble Blog

It's common to wear many hats when working for a startup. More and more frequently as a business professional you will find yourself wearing a Marketing hat one minute and a Sales hat the next. To maintain sanity you must have the right tools at your disposal.

How Not to use Google+

Published on Jul 01, 2013. Have you noticed some people on Google+ doing the same annoying thing, over and over? For most, it's not on purpose. It's not their fault that they don't know any better. But the fact is, there's something they're expected to do, or expected not to do, and they're messing it up.

Digital Marketing is the Future

Full service digital marketing agencies and social media agencies have now caught the attention of many corporations and small businesses, but why? Because social media agencies and digital marketing firms can put any small business owner on the map, giving them a wide reach to clientele from around the world to sell their product.

How Cluttered Is the Advertising Landscape, Really? [Timeline]

Airplane trays. Parking meters. Bathroom stalls. These are only a few of the unusual nooks and crannies that advertising has ineffably found its way into over the years. We know advertising is everywhere, and we know the media landscape is more cluttered than a house on an episode of Hoarders, but, like, just how bad is it?