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Things to Eat in Phuket - Top Culinary Delights to Sample in Phuket

Renowned as one of Thailand's most popular beach holiday destinations, Phuket is also a foodie's dream come true. Offering visitors the best of Thai cuisine, here are some of the top treats to sample during a beach holiday to Phuket.


Mee Sue

Often described as Phuket's breakfast noodles, this delicious noodle dish is flavoured with a host of Asian spices and garnished with pork or chicken meat and usually accompanied by rice soup or a cup of steamed rice. Phuket's Kuo Kwan Restaurant is famous for this simple but wholesome dish.


Oh Aew

When it comes to authentic Phuket desserts, none are quite so popular as Oh Aew. This banana flavoured dessert is made using jellied banana flour, red syrup, boiled red beans, and ice shavings. The best place to order a cup of Oh Aew is at the Yaowarat Intersection where a host of street food vendors offer various incarnations of this sweet delight.


Dim Sum

Whether one is dining at the Age Restaurant or any one of the Phuket restaurants, some variation of dim sum is bound to be found in the starter menu. As a firm favourite among locals and tourists, dims sums served in Phuket eateries contain a host of fillings and Chinese condiments. Chewy and delectable, the humble dim sum can be an appetiser and a pick-me-up treat any time of the day.


Oh Tao

Better known as Hoi Tod Hokgian among locals, this dish is a fried oyster favourite that also incorporates flour, eggs, taro root, and bean sprouts. Considered the preferred snack of most Phuket residents, the perfect place to dig into Oh Tao is at the Oh Tao Wongwian Restaurant or the Tao Restaurant near the Bang Neaw Municipality School.


Kanom Jin Phuket

Another popular breakfast dish, Kanom Jin Phuket has the island of its origin in its name due to its popularity among locals and visitors. This fish-flavoured noodle dish is doused in a spicy curry mixture and served alongside boiled eggs and fresh vegetables. Often served alongside a pastry known as Pah Tong Go or Hor Mohk fish mousse, this is indeed a seafood lover's fantasy dish. Phuket town is known for its many Kanom Jin Phuket vendors.


Mee Hok Kian

Mee Hok Kian is another noodle dish that is made with noodles that are closer to Japanese Soba than any other Thai noodle variety. Served in a pork-bone infused broth, there are several variations of this dish as some prefer to serve the noodles fried instead of boiled. Topped off with eggs, squid, pork, and fish, the best place to sample Mee Hok Kian is at the Mee Ao Gay down Poonpol Road or the Mee Sapam restaurant in Sapam Village.


Lo Bah

Sausage lovers in search of an authentically Thai variation will not be disappointed with Lo Bah. This dish is a culmination of fried sausages that are served with tofu. These are usually fried to a crisp and sprinkled with a sweet and sour sauce. Phuket town is home to several snack and food vendors that specialise in Lo Bah.