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Enelisa's Amazing Journey With Blockchain Ecosystem

This is a list of my events in Crowdpoint Technologies and Exchanges with Blockchain Ecosystem.


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I am super excited that I have a [LINK] I want to share.

Enjoy this trip !!!


Advanced Medicine Marketplace

Advanced Medicine Marketplace

Your unique identity and health are your most valuable assets. Empower yourself with the best information.

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Before CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine/ My Personal Scenario

Before CrowdPoint and Advanced Medicine/ My Personal Scenario

You are unique ! Beautifully created ! So am I !

Raising up in a christian family of health professionals drives you to search more and more for knowledge about wellness. And if you have a health issue you empower yourself with the correct information to solve it. Health has become my passion; and becoming a Micropreneur more than a dream come true.

I cannot describe the benefits of a natural product, entrepreneurship or technology without relating this to my previous and actual life. Never imagined I would open myself to anyone about this. Someone reading this, might be dealing with a similar issue.

You see, I was born as a happy healthy girl in a developing country; the smallest of four children. I have three older brothers. So, I was the apple of my father's eyes.

Suddenly my whole world changed when I was one year old (was already walking). My father (a physician) was on a trip. He had a doctor coworker that came to our house and gave me an oral polio vaccine. My young mother received him; never imagined what she would face.

Despite the efforts my father put to boost my immune system (coming back from trip), polio took over of both of my legs. My brothers didn't receive the vaccine; God is good !

Parents were so loving and caring, but never treated me differently from siblings. Eight years later, in the USA, had succesful surgeries on both legs. Walked stumbling out of the hospital with "orthopedic shoes". The orthopedic surgeon did not let me use a wheelchair, how important. Never had to deal with a crippling mindset !

Talking about vaccines, you must be certain of how I feel about them !

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Turning Point

Turning Point

I thought my story was in it's happy ending. Felt normal all my life.

Unexpectedly, in the year 2012, I started feeling: extreme fatigue, motor incoordination, no strength, and deformation of legs again. Looks like polio. It is like trying to push a wall without moving forward. You can't find anything in laboratory tests, a case study.

This is called Postpolio Syndrome. Some doctors don't know about this illness. Long story short, went to surgery again june 2017. Symptoms are still there, cope with them.

It is a nightmare again !

What about symptoms that are not detected by conventional medicine ?

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Advanced Medicine Journey

Advanced Medicine Journey

Last year, what did a pandemic bring ? The issue of vaccines was all over mainstream news. You would see videos everywhere.

It looks contradictory that I would see a "white light" moment, when everyone else is in despair.

I saw a new way to live without an illness. Dr. Rashid Buttar's youtube videos reached me, from Advanced Medicine Centers.

So "enough is enough". No more chronic disease ! I started changing my attitude of compliance and my mindset. I have been learning so much through the Centers of Advanced Medicine.

God is still here ! He continues intertwining every peace of my journey on earth !

Through Advanced Medicine you can find wellness for youself and your loved ones. See for yourself what is happening in this VIDEO .





Quality natural health products are needed to be "Disease Free". So as a consumer of them, I need to purchase these. Online shopping is the trend, but there is a concern with what might happen to my personal data.

What a BOOM ! Advanced Medicine Centers have now partnered with CrowdPoint Technologies; a safe digital marketplace.

There are one thousand members that have already joined to this Digital Platform of CrowdPoint Technologies using the Advanced Medicine Exchange. We will purchase and provide other customers with natural and healthy products to improve our healths. This is done protecting every transaction made.Customers also get these benefits.

CrowdPoint Technologies is an exciting concept for the average global citizen providing an incredible opportunity in the next wave of technology called Blockchain.

Here I can streamline the growth of my own business with quality products and financial freedom as an independent Distributor/Reseller Micropreneur of natural quality health products.

Take a special moment to view what you will benefit from in this LINK(

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Resolutions To Be Made

Resolutions To Be Made

No coincidences ! I teach Toxicology, Pharmacology and Nutrition at the University. A broad spectrum that fits perfectly as a glove on your hand. So surreal !

"Keep searching", I said to myself. There has got to be a cure. There are God given natural remedies.

Doctors start prescribing pain and relaxing pills; everything Big Pharma promotes. They say: "There is no cure". "You have to cope with it". They don't do anything for you because they really don't know how.

As a Pharmacist you learn to take "unnatural chemicals" in your body with supposed "side effects", which are really all part of the effects of the medicines. In the School of Pharmacy also, they do not teach us what is in a vaccine. Why ?

So why not use disruptive technology to make your own choice: natural quality products, God-given treatments. Look at this LINK


Search/CrowdPoint Technologies

Search/CrowdPoint Technologies

You are trying to find a quality natural product for your health and your loved ones.

And you are on the right track ! You will be able to purchase and reap the benefits of excellent health on a new journey with us at CROWDPOINT TECHNOLOGIES. Join us ! Join the CROWD !

This is a disruptive financial system where you will not only find wellness for yourself and everyone surrounding you, but also provide you with an awesome online technology that ensures protection to your personal information.

Through Blockchain Network with cybersecurity you safeguard your identity and also other customers identities. This is because you are in control of your personal information with a descentralized ID. You are compensated when you use our system, also !

Blockchain Ecosystem LOOK

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Path To A New Stage

Path To A New Stage

The "Creator" of the universe is right by my side.

I grew up feeling so normal, that I even took my "rare shoes" off as I was a teenager. Managed to walk well and even dance. Went to highschool and university. Became a Pharmacist at University with other degrees on education and nutrition. I have been working at university as a professor.

You see: "When you rely on God's strength, what are you really tapping into ? Not some small pool of power that fails at a critical moment. The Christians strength is mighty, because God is mighty. He who created the universe does not have a short arm that cannot reach down to your situation. Shining stars testify to His authority. Galaxies in space are ordered by His hand.
Cannot He order your life, too? " Pamela McQuade

We are not defenseless. The "Creator" carries us all the way. He leaves His footprints and we just walk His way.

What is the power of our mind? What happens when our thoughts change about our illnesses ?

Learn more about yourself, and what can damage your health if you do not have the proper mindset. Go to LINK Enter with this Invitation Code number 96635


IADFW Membership- Peace and Hope On The Way

IADFW Membership- Peace and Hope On The Way

Now I am a member of the International Association for a Disease Free World (IADFW).

This is so recent... "Live a result to Give a result", paraphrasing what Dr. Buttar says. I just started my healing process on November 2020. Who knows how many toxins I have ! Not to mention the chemicals and heavy metals do to a vaccine. What about the more subtle toxicities that I don't know of ? Yes, I will be able to reach wellness !

The IADFW membership (public or private) provides the tools necessary to be disease free. Helps you acquire physiological, emotional, and spiritual stability. Also health evaluation and assesment. Protocols for effective detoxification (of seven toxicities), optimal nutrition, improve sleep, increase energy and more.

IADFW association empowers you with science, information and holistic knowledge to prevent illness. The most valuable tool available to you is the AHEAD MAP ( Advanced Health Evaluation and Assessment for Detoxification Medical Assessment Program). I started my process to wellness with this valuable tool.

Learn more about optimizing your health through this LINK

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Market Analysis

Market Analysis

People are out of a working place. What is happening to small businesses? How can I become part of a disruptive financial system and have my own business?

This is the moment, the opportunity to help so many and myself ! Defend and provide dividends to your human identity !

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Obtain more information that describes clearly what the global market and workers are now facing. What about the Gig economy : >>> VIDEO LINK


Blockchain Versus Neofeudalism

Blockchain Versus Neofeudalism

The next wave of technology Blockchain with Cybersecurity.

Big Tech, Big Pharma, government and corporations control world resources. But CrowdPoint Technologies Ecosystem provides us all an affiliated community and fellowship among consumers to help one another grow. This is a safe network that protects your Human Identity.

The playing field between small guys and big guys is leveled with a Blockchain Ecosystem. The power and freedom is given back to people like you and me, in this fourth industrial revolution.

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A clear description is given here: VIDEO LINK


CrowdPoint Manifesto

CrowdPoint Manifesto

Remember you are UNIQUE !!!

Protecting your Human Identity is your most valuable asset.

Ensure privacy, protection and performance with cybersecurity.

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We are blessed to have the Almighty with us in this awesome new journey !

THANK YOU ! Continue following us ! There still is much more ! JOIN !!!

We are TRUSTED AGENTS in this untrusted world !! LOOK

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This is coming your way ! At CrowdPoint, we have adopted the Global Industry Clasification Standard (GICS) to operationalize the Blockchain Ecosystem. The GICS structure consists of 11 sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries, and 158 subindustries into which S&P has catagorized all major public companies.






I choose Advanced Medicine because it means that I will enjoy my life with health. Several products are available.

Soon you will receive the benefits of drinking A2O water; increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in tissues. For example in chronic conditions influenced by hypoxia like: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, or any ischemia.

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We got it all !!
Have fun with our ESPORTS coming soon !!

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Visit my website !! It is fabulous !!

There is always more in the interactive media entertainment !!

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Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

"Life has enough trials and tribulations without a chronic health issue becoming an additional burden. The Advanced Medicine Conferences are the assembly of the world’s top medical and scientific professionals sharing the unbiased, candid facts establishing the truth which will empower you and your loved ones. And it is this real actionable knowledge that is essential not just to survive, but to actually THRIVE during these unprecedented times of nonsensical non-science being forced upon us by politicians and the media." Dr. Rashid Buttar.

With patients from 94 different countries, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar has been an outspoken advocate for Medical Truths "they" don´t want you to know !



Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt

"After taking time out from a busy practice to get further - and less traditional education - I learned how to avoid being a victim of medical misinformation. My goal is to give you the same tools I used to break free of the “Bio-Matrix”. It is not just about giving you today’s information - because that may change. It is about how to source the information yourself, how to discern whom to believe. In short, how to take positive steps towards not needing a doctor." Dr. Lee Merritt

MORE INFORMATIONenter link description here


Dr. Christian Northrup

Dr. Christian Northrup

"As a business owner, physician, former surgeon, mother, writer, and speaker my vision is that each and everyone of you discover and acknowledge your individual and collective capacity for growth, freedom, joy, and balance. It is my hope that you share this content freely with friends and families! There are over 5 hours of free content we’ve made available for you with an additional 50 hours available for purchase. Your purchase helps us continue to do what we love! " Dr. Christian Northrup



Eileen McKusick

Eileen McKusick

"My vision is to see humans free from self-limiting beliefs and misinformation that keep us small, powerless, and locked into expressing just a fraction of our potential." Eileen Mckusick



Leila Centner

Leila Centner

"At my private school, Centner Academy, I make every decision based on extensive research and critical thinking. Keeping the happiness, health, and well-being of our students and staff is my top priority. In this time of restrictions and lockdowns, I stand for freedom and empowerment. I believe in our bodies’ natural wisdom and strength. At Centner Academy, we focus on boosting health through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, clean water, and minimizing exposure to toxins." Leila Centner



Robert Scott Bell (D.A.Hom.)

Robert Scott Bell (D.A.Hom.)

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom. (American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy 1994) served on the board of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (1999-2001). He currently serves on the Board for the Trinity School of Natural Health and the United Precious Metals Association. Continuing to provide direct support to those in need and working with physicians on their toughest cases. Robert has overcome numerous chronic diseases nearly 30 years ago via homeopathy, herbal medicine, organic whole foods, minerals, essential fats, and the transformational power of belief in Divine Spirit. He has spent the past decade delving into the antimicrobial, immune-supporting, and regenerative properties of silver, copper, molecular hydrogen, and nitric oxide. As a Homeopath, he has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within us all.



Sayer JI

Sayer JI

"My experiences with self-healing inspired me to empower others with a natural health database called With over 70,000 peer-reviewed and published studies, demonstrates the profound value in preventing and mitigating over 3,000 conditions with natural substances, like vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, and minerals. has received over 150 million visits since its inception in 2018. It continues to be a cherished and much-used resource around the world for the advancement of natural and integrative medicine, and for the self-empowerment and self-care of individuals wishing to take back control of their health destinies." Sayer JI