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Updated by yashaaglobal-seoexpert on Jun 19, 2021
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Top 6 link-building techniques

We all know that link-building is one of the keys to success to your website being ranked on the search engine result pages and has a huge impact on it. However, in the past, it was completely based on quantity and not quality. You could just manage to rank on the first search engine result page by building links from here and there. But now link building is a completely different game. So, we as a Jacksonville SEO company, have listed down the top 6 most effective link-building strategies.



Most of the good link-building strategies revolve around outreach where you need to reach out to people in your niche and introduce them to your content. But here content necessarily doesn't need to be any content at all. As per YashaaGlobal a Jacksonville SEO company one of the best strategies is to reach out to people who have already mentioned your keywords in their articles and people who have linked to similar articles on the topic.


Content Repurposing and Syndication

Though most link-building strategies revolve around outreach as mentioned in the prior point, some are not outreach-based. You can also build some links by submitting content to relevant places like infographics, directories, video sharing sites, and more. But in order to do that, you just need to make sure that your content is in an appropriate form. Though this strategy may not be one of the best link-building strategies


Relationship building or value exchange

This is probably the most powerful technique out of all link-building strategies as it can net you some high-authority backlinks, thought leaders are always within and irrespective of your niche, and getting links from them will naturally carry a large amount of authority, ultimately leading to an incredibly powerful link. You of course won’t get too far by just asking for a link without offering anything in return. So, the best approach towards building a relationship is by keeping a “give first” mindset.


Link Reclamation

Last but not the least, link reclamation is another integral part of effective link-building techniques. It mainly focuses on the links that you have already gained before but lost due to some reason. This strategy will probably help you to regain the link value, build your link profile.

Conclusively, we can say that though link building may be a daunting task that involves a lot of effort and time, it is the most crucial aspect of off-page SEO to boost your website’s rank.


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging may require a lot of time and effort, it definitely gains you quality backlinks rank higher on Google


  • Make sure to check the guidelines before you begin writing an article for any website
  • Before posting on other sites, make sure to always check the DA of that website first


  • Do not spin your content and stuff your post with links
  • Avoid posting on low-quality and low DA sites

Broken link building

Broken link building is one of the simplest strategies

• Find broken backlinks

The best-broken links that you can pursue are where your audience regularly visits, that links to your competitors, and high-authority websites

• Create content for replacement

Make sure that your content provides value to the readers and gives them additional information

• Reach out to the publishers

After creating content you need to find out the best contact to reach out to them and propose your replacement content