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Updated by Rebecca Sekerski on Jun 28, 2022
Headline for Rebecca's CrowdPoint Journey: Tomorrow is Today
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Rebecca's CrowdPoint Journey: Tomorrow is Today

Enjoy a list of reasons for embracing the changes of today to carry us into tomorrow: the security of Blockchain with CrowdPoint Technologies and the Advanced Medicine Exchange creating a new era of personal protection with their Cyber Privacy Exchange



An Amazing Journey

An Amazing Journey

"I have been in the medical field since 1993 and have directly witnessed how people are being manipulated and isolated. As 2020 unfolded, I clearly understood "I needed to become the change I wished to see!" I was able to help allay the fears of my patients among the pandemonium, but I wanted so much more. I wished to break the chains that bind every living soul to the same financial slave masters because wealth so often drives health. When provided with an opportunity to join the blockchain marketplace through a team called CrowdPoint, I saw "freedom." Not only for me but for all those who could visualize their own! CrowdPoint comes with a mission to level the playing field for all participants while protecting our most precious and valuable resource, You, the Human Identity! This allows each of us to participate in a market without funneling our efforts to the Corporate Warlords. We can "live" with the 24/7 work/stress factor. "To empower the individual over the machine is as enlightening I always imagined; this leap of faith will be our greatest success story!" Won't you leap with me?"
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Regain Control over your Personal Identity!

Regain Control over your Personal Identity!

Blockchain powered by CrowdPoint promises a safe, secure shopping experience that creates their own personal digital identity. This eventually re-imburses the individual for their experience! When is the last time you received a check from Big Tech for the use of your information?! We are building a marketplace og high-quality, highly vetted products that will enhance your health and well-being with the security of blockchain powered by CrowdPoint! This IS BLOCKCHAIN BIG!


The Power of BlockChain!

The Power of BlockChain!

By decentralizing your Personal Identity, you regain the power of YOU! the BIG FIVE are shaking in their shoes as they realize that we are poised to take back our POWER! This is happening thanks to servent leaders like Sean and Marlene Brehm of CrowdPoint Technologies; we are off to a brighter and better future! Join this amazing jouney at Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine Exchange and CrowdPoint Technologies: Protecting the Power of You!

2020 left us ALL changed in some manner: finacially, socially, spiritually, employment-wise, and concerning our personal security. I am happy to discover there are servant leaders who are able and WILLING to create the change I want to be: to promote a safer, brighter future. Fear is replaced with security, austerity with opportunity! Faith has brought us together. We were created for THIS!
At the Advanced Medicine Exchange, we are buidling a safe network with CrowdPoint Tecnologies that will offer health-supporting products in a manner that protects your most valuable asset: your Human Identity. By joining this venture, you benefit with security and re-imbursement for something that previously, was taken from you without your knowledge or permission!

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Digital Security!

Digital Security!

Feel free to join us as we learn a new way to take back our POWER! A single person can make a tremendous difference in the world...just imagine what more than a thousand of me and my closest friends can do! God has brought us all together for JUST THIS REASON...We will CREATE our tomorrow.
CrowdPoint Technologies


Safe Haven for Gamers!

Safe Haven for Gamers!

We all know how riddled the gaming platforms are with dark web survaillance! At Crowdpoint, we will be offering incredible games in a safe and secure environment!




I am a CrowdPoint Platinum Distributer. Check out what amazing products we will be offering at CrowdPoint Technologies:

Blockchain Talk Session 1

Launching a 13 week inside look at the Blockchain Technology. Join us on examining the future of data!

CrowdPoint Platinum Distributer

Coming soon: a safe and secure market of well-vetted natural products that will enhance your health and well-being: Advanve Medicine Exchange

Blockchain Talk Session 2

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Blockchain Talk Session 4

"Decentralized Identifiers", your opportunity to protect and maximize YOUR identity! Our special guest is Sean OBrien-Brehm, Founder of CrowdPoint Technologies.

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Blockchain Talk Session 3

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Creating our own Finance

Creating our own Finance

Why do you think the Big Five are taking down anything they can find with CrowdPoint's name attached? Because they see us and know we are a Movement. A Movement that excludes them. A Movement for the people, by the people. Welcome aboard. We Will Overcome. Advanced Medicine Exchange

BlockChain Talk Session 5 Part 2

Join us this evening at 7pm EST for Part 2 of Session 5 featuring 4 personal stories on how The Blockchain Technology is changing lives around the world. My ...