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Updated by Mary Ann Richardson, DrPH on Jul 31, 2022
Headline for My Amazing Journey to the Frontier- with Crowdpoint
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My Amazing Journey to the Frontier- with Crowdpoint

What I am learning about the Coming Revolution with Crowdpoint Technologies: Cybersecurity, Advanced Medicine, and Interactive Media Exchanges!



Viva la Revolution!

Viva la Revolution!

Blockchain technology is rapidly emerging – like the internet several decades ago- with vast possibilities to change our world forever! When you finally move past that “what’s a modem” moment - remember The Today Show 1994? - the learning curve can be a bit steep too. It has been for me - but my understanding has evolved and my eyes opened- since joining Crowdpoint Technologies with a proprietary Blockchain- code named “Hitchhiker” !

The world has moved from capitalism to "neo-feudalism" with big corporations controlling more and more of our lives- money and politics. Capitalism to Neo-Feudalism But time for change has come... and the name “Crowdpoint” signifies that moment in time - when enough people shift their thinking, and then the thinking of everyone changes, and the crowd moves into a totally new direction.  Crowdpoint Technologies is at the tip of the spear -leveraging the power of the Crowd and leading the way into the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution with a new 21st century business model- ”Improved value for ALL instead of the few.”

Don’t be left behind! Get educated, buckle up, and hitch a ride with us on Crowdpoint Technologies! It is going to be an incredible trip!

See why … Crowdpoint Technology


Why I joined Crowdpoint

Why I joined Crowdpoint

Welcome! I am Mary Ann Richardson, DrPH, Doctor of Public Health, and passionate about empowering people to take control of their bodies and enhance their health with natural, non toxic and holistic methods and technologies. For over two decades, I pioneered the early research on cutting edge, alternative therapies and traveled the world - investigating and directing scientific research to valid them at the academic, government and for and non profits levels.

By joining Crowdpoint – I can now directly promote quality, rigorously vetted products from small business and sourced from around the world - at the Advanced Medicine Exchange Here you will find organic, non GMO, high quality products and wellness technologies - sourced from small businesses and microPrenuers around the world and highly vetted. Our mission is to EMPOWER individuals to take control of their bodies, PROVIDE scientific research on and access to medically advanced treatments and technologies for health and wellness, and ultimately DEMOCRATIZE healing to protect and defend our humanity.

Second, I am passionate about protecting another precious asset – human identity. Our personal data is being stolen and sold constantly – putting us at risk for identity theft at any moment. Crowdpoint is the world’s FIRST cyber- privacy provider, part of a global alliance, Crowdpoint's Cybersecurity Exchange provides a platform to purchase products and technology designed to… PRESERVE data privacy, ENHANCE device performance, and PROTECT human identify in the digital domain and physical world.

Please leave the world of Surveillance Capitalists! Jump on Crowdpoint's “Hitchhiker” Blockchain- where you are never tracked or monitored. In fact, you get rewarded for shopping and supporting small business and, an added benefit, are given a decentralized ID, created by and for you to insure your data stays private and secure.

Wishing you everything necessary for Vibrant Health and a Secure Human Identify!


Disruptive Technology for a Digital Ecosystem

Disruptive Technology for a Digital Ecosystem

Crowdpoint's Blockchain Ecosystem is a disruptive technology- designed for a new digital economy. Four unique technology megatrends are the ingredients for digital platforms in this emerging technological ecosystem. These include: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Compaction technologies - combined with a Distributed Ledger.

In the right hands, they will guide business decision-makers towards an emerging “sharing economy” – ushering in radically new business models . This technology has nearly unlimited applications in every industry that shares and distributes information. While widely misunderstood because of the public nature of some blockchains, it is currently the most secure way to transmit and store data.

Digital Exchanges- A New type of Marketplace

Crowdpoint offers a new market platform, collectively owned by the participants. Maybe we will be the 21st Century Buttonwood group - like the original group who organized securities trading with agreement signed under a Buttonwood tree in New York City, May 1792 - NYSE started under a tree - who knows with Crowdpoint technology!

Blockchain, Big Data and AI, offer a tangible technology for an effective Blockchain Ecosystem strategy. In a blockchain ecosystem exchange, all participants can observe the entire state of the market at any time - versus a proprietary platform, where the platform owner only, has the full overview.

The Crowdpoint ecosystem is buildt for 11 industry sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries, 158 subindustries, and millions of humans!

Learn more about digital Market Exchanges: Just click here: Crowdpoint Technologies


The Advanced Medicine Exchange (AMeX) at Crowdpoint

The Advanced Medicine Exchange (AMeX) at Crowdpoint

Welcome to the Advanced Medicine Exchange (AMeX) at Crowdpoint - a digital marketplace where you can find organic, non GMO, high quality products and technologies - designed to advance health, sourced from small businesses and microPrenuers globally, and highly vetted.

The AMeX mission is to combine medical advances and scientific research with highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies to DEMOCRATIZE healing in order to:

1) protect the physical autonomy
2) defend the spiritual sovereignty and
3) empower the individual mind with information and knowledge to prevent mankind from ever being taken advantage of or victimized again!

To learn more - please visit The Advanced Medicine Exchange


Cyber Security Exchange: Beyond anti- virus technology

Cyber Security Exchange: Beyond anti- virus technology

Crowdpoint is the world’s first cyber- privacy provider and part of a global alliance. With increased connectivity, comes increased risk -the war for your identity is real. Today with Surveillance Capitalism- digital platforms track and monitor 24- 7, sell our personal data to Big Tech – and put us at risk for identify theft. VERY BIG BUSINESS!

Someone is hacked every 39 seconds with costs globally, estimated upwards of $6 trillion/annually and rising. Our children are online and connected to the outside world more now - so protecting them from cyberbullying and online predators is a priority.

The Crowdpoint technology uses advanced VRAI technology-designed to protect your most precious asset- your HUMAN identity. We go way beyond anti-virus technology ! Check how the VRAI technology can help you.

Learn more at Crowdpoint Technology

Blockchain Explained - Session 1

Blockchain Technology explained in this series- hosted by Pete De La Torre and co-host Sean O'Brien-Brehm of Crowdpoint Technologies. You will find the 1st of the 13 series talks and learn of how this technology will change our world in ways we can not even imagine - just like the internet did decades ago.

You can skip to session 6 for some idea of how BIG this disruptive technology will be... by listening to Aby Alexander, Author of “Blockchain Simplified”- disruptive technology that will change your business. Don't be left behind! Blockchain session 6


Crowdpoint Technologies Business Model: Worldwide!

Crowdpoint Technologies Business Model: Worldwide!

CrowdPoint’s Buttonwood Blockchain Ecosystem revolutionizes concepts from the First NYSE 1792 by offering a unique environment- not controlled or monitored by any country or government. Instead, small/mid-cap businesses and individual MicroPreneurs have assembled across 24 Industry Groups and united in a common cause: to defend and deliver dividends to the Human Identity.

Blockchain democratizes the trading process for a genuinely free-market economy - controlled by the individual investor, not a brokerage house. The Crowdpoint Ecosystem is powered by Human Identity and leverages Big Data Analytics, AI, and Compaction technology to deliver performance, protection and privacy. Moreover, individual investor bypass Broker's commission, stay in constant contact with other investors, and remain anonymous by using a private, personalized identify.

Crowdpoint’s business model is to leverage the power of Crowd to lead others in the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution: “Improved value for all instead of the few”.

Learn more about opportunities at Crowdpoint and Advanced Medicine Exchange


Crowdpoint Interactive Media Exchange: A CENSORSHIP FREE Platform!!

Crowdpoint Interactive Media Exchange: A CENSORSHIP FREE Platform!!

Check out Dr. Buttar on The Interactive Media Exchange

Dr Rashid A Buttar has been an outspoken advocate for Medical Truths “they” don’t want you to know! With patients from 94 different countries, he was followed by millions all over the world until social media shut him down and de-platformed him, earning him the title of the world’s “most censored physician”! Now, you can join Dr. Buttar on iMedia, the most “censorship free” platform on the planet and learn the truth that has been hidden from you.